Thursday, January 02, 2014

Rand Paul/Chris Christie

From my "Stuff I'm Working On" file.


Anonymous said...

Christie is finished, sadly. This bridge thing looks like it's going to do him in.

I was also never sold that he was the savior the GOP needed. Talking shit and yelling at people sells with the media. Namely because the media is concentrated in the big east. That sort of shit flies here because it's viewed as being honest. Being soft spoken and polite means you're either a liar trying to con someone, or you just suck and are wasting everyones time. However I don't think getting all Jersey at people in the midwest is going to win hearts and minds.

Sort of how Republican liked Rudy, right up till they could vote for him. Then he was too New York for the GOP.

JZimardo said...

I disagree with the Christie/Ruuuudy throw away.Rudy went thru a most public brutal sex affair and nasty divorce burn out I've ever seen.This killed his Catholic honor and his political chances. Christie only screws HIS constituents - that equals getting your GOP bona fides. Can't wait for Christie to give the nat'l press the same treatment and or change his 'act.'

jim said...