Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ha Ha, Charade You Are

As you read this, consider all of the creatures which walk or swarm or crawl on the land or fly in the air or burrow beneath the soil or swim in the rivers and seas.

And then consider, of all of the living things currently drawing breath on planet Earth, which among them would sound the most pulverizingly ludicrous with this coming out of it's mouth-hole:
I just know egos, folks.  I studied 'em, political, performer, professional, insensitive, insecure.  I know egos, and I'm just telling you that Richard Sherman is lost in himself...

Anyway, so he gets caught up in that, and I made an analogy: "You know people like this.  You know people who are so lost in their egos that they think that everybody's thinking about them all day and all the time."

I used, as an example, Obama as a large-ego type person who I'm sure probably sits around in private thinking of himself. You know, I love asking people a question, and I've been asking people this question of successful people for 30 years.  I asked George Will once when I interviewed him. ... I said, "When the family's gone to bed, you're the only one up, it's late at night, and most of the lights are off and you're sitting around doing whatever you're doing, do you reflect?

"Do you ever stop to reflect on what you mean to so many people and how much influence you have over so many people?"  He looked at me, cocked his head, and said, "No, I'm thinking about what I have to do tomorrow.  I'm not sitting around thinking about my influence on people." I've asked a lot of people that question, and every one of the profoundly successful people I've asked that question say the same thing (to one degree or another) that George Will said.

"No, I'm not thinking about me."

But there are people like that, and I just think Obama's probably one of them.  I not even "think" it; I know it.  He has to be...


It's this guy:

Because of course it is.


Anonymous said...

He radiates cold shafts of broken glass.

D. said...

Sorry, but my opinion of Mr. L's self-revealing statements has already passed through the Earth's core. Isn't he in the projectionists'union?

Batocchio said...

Okay, I'll bite. You've got Limbaugh's ego hypocrisy well covered. Meanwhile, not mutually exclusive:

1. Sherman is a good player, often mentioned in discussions for NFL defensive player of the year.

2. The sports news team should have known that Sherman might say something spicy, given his past statements and how recent and raw the exchange on the field was. (They wanted a headline, they got one. Also, never underestimate the danger of a relatively slow news day.)

3. Sherman's remarks were classless. The 'I'm the greatest' stuff, well, that's bulletin board material for the opposition, but that's his choice. Slamming Crabtree (who's a good player, hardly "mediocre") was classless. (Your mileage may vary on this one – see The Onion.)

4. The racism directed at Sherman has been appalling, all the more so because the bigots flinging it see nothing wrong with it, and some even will claim in the same breath that they're not racist. It's much more troubling than what Sherman did. (And there's a strong racial undertone to the heavy usage of "thug.")

5. Rush Limbaugh is a longstanding racist asshole. Not coincidentally, he was fired from being an NFL commentator for being a racist asshole. (Interestingly, racist bullshit is less acceptable in sports coverage than in American politics. Know thy audience.) Not coincidentally, when Limbaugh sees a black athlete he thinks is 'uppity,' he thinks of Obama, who was so uppity he got elected twice. (The nerve!) If you listen to Limbaugh's rants about Obama, some of his conspiracy theories, his belief that Obama isn't merely a dangerous socialist but honestly so dumb other people had to do his writing as a student, it's all genuinely paranoid, bigoted and disturbing. It's not just an act for the rubes. (I suppose there's some schadenfreude in knowing that Limbaugh likes football, and given the racial makeup of the NFL, each time he watches a game, it entails a constant, infuriating refutation of his white supremacism.)

Anonymous said...

For a moment I thought I was watching another Rob Ford vid. An uncanny resemblance.

JerryB said...

As soon as I started reading I heard Rush's voice. I certainly believe him when he says he knows about egos. Probably knows a thing or two about the child sex trade in the D.R. as well.

watchdog said...

As soon as I read the word Ego and saw it was someone accusing someone else of having one, I knew it was fat boy. He is a master at projection and accusing others of everything that he is.

Anonymous said...

Its hard to tell why, but at this point, Jabba's speaking voice conjures up an almost instantaneous image of a pig....grunting and rooting through his own shit.
Another day has passed where thousands of decent people all over the planet expired in thousands of different ways....and yet Rush and Dick continue to suck air.

....and oh yeah. Sherman was miked up, he was trying to shake Crabtree's hand and saying "Good game..good game.." when Crabtree popped him in the face mask.
Seconds later, Barbie was shoving a mike in his face.
But of course the self absorbed pig never would wait around for the rest of the story....there was some more interesting shit to root through over in the corner...

Anonymous said...

As for thug, not buying that it's completely racist. As a nation we call the leadership of whomever we're beefing with at the moment thugs (see Putin, Saddam, Stalin). Even in our nation we refer to the leadership of the other political party as thugs. Athletes in combat sports (yes even pasty white ones like rugby) are referred to as thugs. Hell the Tea Party candidate called McConnel a thug yesterday. The mob was called thugs, so were unions.... or shit Chris Christie (even for just yelling).

Calling men thugs is as American as apple pie, and it's been going on forever.

Displays of male testosterone, combativeness, aggression, lower class appearance, or loud excitement all qualify as thuggish behavior today.

Pretty much any male who has larger balls than David Brooks is a valid target to slam as a thug.

The racism depends on who lobs it. It's not racist when a liberal or regular Democratic voter says it, it is racist if a conservative or Republican says it. We should enjoy and use this to our advantage. Charges of racism are amazing tools against conservatives. They can't dodge it, it renders everything else they say useless, and it's fun to watch people in flyover states go into conniptions when you do it.

Hell the last part makes it worth it all the time.

Anonymous said...

Nah, pigs are smart.