Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Brooks on Brooks

"I’m glad my efforts to bury my head in the sand have been encouraging to you. Denial and irrelevance really are my bread and butter these days."
-- David Brooks, 01/15/14
It's funny because no matter what he says he cannot lose his job.


Cirze said...

Lose his job?

Hell, he probably gets a bonus with each new low.

They have their troops in place.

And the battlelines have been drawn.

Your comedic takes on the news informing our daily lives has never been so sublime.


the cheese eater said...

Michael Moore sits on a panel of Constitutional extremists and worse than Booosh whisleblowers. He remains absolutely silent about the great big both sides shit sandwich being constructed by the panel:

Lumpy Lang said...

One way to prevent those bad people from saying 'both sides' are trashing civil liberties and the rule of law might for 'your side' to stop joining with 'the other side' in trashing civil liberties and the rule of law.

wagonjak said...

Was that back and fourth between Collins and Bobo REAL? I find it hard to believe that those two would actually SAY idiotic stuff like this...I expected to see another name at bottom but NO! This is like a giant FUCK YOU to all the readers of that column.