Friday, January 24, 2014

Both Siderism, Supersized

Remember this guy?

The guy who Roger Ailes hired to make Lonesome Rhodes
look like William Sloan Coffin?

The culture-war criminal and profiteer who made a fortune whipping the Pig People into a state of constant, unholy frenzy

and then made another fortune selling them prepper seeds and doomsday gold and an endless supply of Threshold Edition-published claptrap?

The guy who, one year ago, was busy hyping his own Randite Epcot walled-off Utopia scam called Jonestown Lil' Mordor Kim Jong-Un's Waterpark Adventure The Village Potemkin Acres The Clans of the Alphane Moon Cleveland Park Independence, USA?

Yeah, that guy.

Well now he's branched out from fake outrage bomb throwing and conspiracy mongering to fake contrition

over his suddenly epiphany that a career spent exhorting imbeciles to set the woods on fire at 50,000 decibel might have somehow caused some, y'know, woods to be set on fire.

Over on my Liberal teevee, Squint and the Meat Puppet were so blown away by Mr. Beck's sincerity (Because OMFG, he has So Much Money!) they devoted an entire segment to tag-team tongue-bathing him  (which was extra-super special because, as Meat Puppet explained, no one has been more harsh in their criticism of Glenn Beck than he.)

According to your Liberal teevee, how big a deal was Mr. Beck's few minutes of fake atonement?  So Fucking Big that, as Meat Puppet explained, it didn't even matter if he was lying about it because (no kidding) Capitalism!

Don't try to figure it out.  Just let the authentic frontier wingnut gibberish over you and move on.

How big a deal was it?

So Fucking Big that instead of using their regular workaday tin cup to drizzle their Fake Centrist poison into America's political discourse, they went ahead and emptied an entire slop-trough of the stuff, raw, into the well-water.

So Fucking Big that, by my count, they had to scamper down to the Liberal teevee cellars to bring up another Nebuchadnezzar of Both Siderist Special Reserve five different times to properly celebrate the occasion of Mr. Beck's crocodile tears:


D. said...

Cynical moi suspects a scary diagnosis was involved.

the cheese eater said...

So we have unpleasant, inaccurate and inflammatory talk from people on the teevee and we have policy. As DG rightly points out wingnut talk inspires wacky people to occasionally do insane, even murderous things. This crazy talk also encourages people to ignore important gov't policy that impacts their lives. Some might even say that this is the main purpose of the crazy talk. So when it comes to inflammatory and inaccurate teevee talk there is no contest. Crazy right wing wacko talk wins. Every time.

There is also national gov't policy that is executed by elected officials. Sadly, when it comes to the economic welfare of ordinary Americans, or illegal surveillance of Americans, or prosecution of Wall Street criminality, or muscular foreign policy, or "Free Trade" agreements, or corporate give aways and corporate welfare, or austerity, or the Military Industrial Complex, or a national industrial policy, or a national energy policy, or a policy on fracking, or prosecution of corporate malfeasance, or a policy for financing political campaigns, or the need to reduce "entitlements" and shrink the deficit BOTH SIDES. The policy prescriptions of our elected officials on these issues are either non existent or remarkably similar.

So yeah Glenn Beck is a dick and a cancer on America's soul and a charlatan and the world would be a better place if he built a cabin in the hills somewhere and split wood all day to reduce the size of his chin, but even if he did exactly that the tax rate on capital gains would still be 15% and Mitt Romney would still be in Davos with his genetically engineered family because with regards to the creation and implementation of national policy, BOTH SIDES.
In fact, less than two minutes produced these examples of both sides. One is from Rolling Stone, one is from Al Jazzeera and one is from a heterodox economics journal:

Here's just one money quote:
The regulatory and prosecutorial response to JPM’s crime spree has failed to hold a single senior officer or director personally accountable either civilly or criminally.

The DOJ’s position is that it will not put large businesses into bankruptcy, regardless of how fraudulent their controlling officers are. The DOJ’s position is that it will not “cause” any large bank to fail – no matter how fraudulent its operations. Everyone on Wall Street understands that this means that the DOJ will never require JPM to pay the full cost of its frauds and disgorge the full extent of its fraud proceeds.

Holder has zero prosecutions of the elite bankers whose frauds drove the three most destructive financial fraud epidemics in world history. Holder has zero civil cases, and the banking regulators have zero enforcement actions, that bankrupted an elite bank officer or director whose frauds helped drive those epidemics.

dinthebeast said...

Don't you be talking no shit about no Meat Puppets: they were my favorite band for years.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is Beck seriously trying to look like Breitbart?