Friday, December 13, 2013

America's Most Famous Gay Conservative Catholic Blogger

Once again makes national headlines by boldly staking out a faded, mimeograph copy of the same position on American Conservatism that American Liberals have already occupied for decades.

So yay!

Served with a extra helping of "Both Sides Do It!"

So double yay!

Andrew Sullivan: Fox News anti-Christian

In the wake of Megyn Kelly's remarks on the whiteness of Jesus, passionate Catholic Andrew Sullivan drops a truth bomb on Fox News, and everything it stands for:
"Now it’s clear this was an ad lib, not really thought through, so we should cut Kelly some slack. But she’s wrong on two levels – wrong because Jesus was not a Northern European white person, but a Middle Eastern Jew. ...  She’s also wrong in even considering the color of Jesus’ skin – something unmentioned in the Gospels – as relevant ... The categories of race, of gender, and of social class are abolished in the Christian vision. ... Christians will never seek to underline these distinctions, to build a politics out of them, or to identify a nation according to them. Some on the left do this, as do some on the right. But Christians shouldn’t.
When you absorb the constant racial undertones on Fox, and its constant worship of the god of money, when you absorb their long list of fears about the “other”, whether immigrants or gays or the poor, when you recall their glee at the torture of human beings, or their passion for the death penalty, you can’t help but wonder if they are not one of the most powerful forces against Christianity in our culture. They have competitors out there, but Roger Ailes is never satisfied with being Number Two, is he?
So, once again, " turns out that virtually all of Mr. Sullivan's hard-won epiphanies amount to little more than the well-thumbed history and plainsong lore of our Fucked Up Modern Age as it has been long understood and passed down among those awful Liberals."


Anonymous said...

"The categories of race, of gender, and of social class are abolished in the Christian vision."

If you ignore Paul the phony apostle, anyhow.

Anonymous said...

I want to say something... but all I can manage is, "Goddammit, what a goddamn fuckwit twat."

I just can't figure out how to polish that turd. I'll try rolling it in glitter....


JerryB said...

Oh Andy, Andy, Andy. The Christians are to worst discriminators on the planet. It stikes at the very core of what makes White Southern Christians tick. Without Christians there never would have been a "southern strategy".

Cirze said...

And some on the left?

What definition of liberal is in his dictionary?

Or does he just pretend to read it like all the other books he claims to read but just skims?

I never saw any reason to read anything Sullivan wrote before he was outed as a fool.

Imagine the caliber of people who've paid to read his blog.


Anonymous said...


"Imagine the caliber of people who've paid to read his blog."

Replace "caliber" (which implies "quality") with "kind of".

The people who pay to read him are people who are "concerned", but want to have something reflected back at them that shows "the extremes on both sides" as the problem. They also want the truth-bearer to be someone from their own tribe, as they think it must be.

They are subscribing to an expensive fanfic site.