Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled."

-- Richard Feynman
This week, the same Conservative mopes who giddily goosestepped along behind every lie and fraud and war crime and impeachable offense committed by the Bush Administration continued hating the living shit out of the Kenyan Usurper for trying to provide tens of millions of Americans affordable health insurance:

Meanwhile, Elite Media Both Siders like David Gregory

continued to make princely livings contorting themselves into amazing, Escheresque configurations in order to pretend that Conservatives aren't insane.

As predicted, ABC television executives let ambulatory human carcinoma Erik Prince use their teevee network as his personal, book-pimpin' bidet, while those nutty kids of the "This Week..." bouncy castle took the "Obama's Katrina" meme out for another ride.

Meanehile, over on an entirely different network with entirely different waxwork figures sitting around a completely different table...
After which David Gregory said what may very well turn out to be the stupidest fucking thing you will hear a major American teevee network pitchman say this week (emphasis added):

So here's the other political question. Look at the president's standing in a Quinnipiac poll on personal attributes: Is it trustworthy, honest and trustworthy? Look at the change. He was at, in October, 54/41; now, 44/52. So that's completely changed. And people will say this is like Katrina; I think it's more like Iraq. That was about life and death, this is not...
All of which was utterly awful.

Utterly and predictably awful.

And so frustrating when you consider how easy it would be to devote that one hour of alleged public affairs programming to actual public affairs programming!

For example, consider how something as simple and entertaining as holding the heads of our Elite Beltway Media underwater for one hour could clearly demonstrate in a way understandable even to laymen with no scientific training --

-- the difference between "Hurricane Katrina" and "a glitchy website."

In the meantime, all of the best reporting continues to come from our court jesters...


n1ck said...

Because politics is basically just depression, thanks for the link to Feynman.

JerryB said...

It's always surprised me that the various war criminals and supplicants of the Bush administration don't kiss Obama's ass every day for preventing any of them being charged with crimes or handed over to the Hague, which I think some deserved.

n1ck said...


Permagov announced to our criminal Masters of the Universe that they are generally free from persecution for crimes, in 1974.

See: Nixon, Richard. Contra, Iran. War, Iraq.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

So Katrina was not about life and death.

Which comes as news to me, so technically...

Cirze said...

I was he meant Iraq.


(No laughing matter, of course, but you can't help that dark glee.)

Anonymous said...

I am laying down a marker, here and now.

At this time next year, the Senate will be in Democratic hands. We probably won't get the House -- probably -- but we will make inroads.

The deets are here: