Monday, November 04, 2013

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

On "This Week...with George Somethingorother" Peggy Noonan would have you know that she has seen things you people wouldn't believe.

The last freighter of Grey Goose in existence on fire off the shoulder of Orion.

C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.


But she has never, ever seen anything as tragic and terrifying as a glitchy website. 

On the same program, Senator Aqua Buddha explained how very angry he is that some chick knows what the word "plagiarist" means and he does not.  How angry it he?  Angry enough to  take a shot at her if only the damn Liberal Gummint would permit such a thing. George Somethingorother responded by levered his enormous eyebrows up and down indicating that he might or might not have heard a single word Senator Rand Paul said and then thanked him for his time.

And now that everyone in the Beltway Media has gone back to its factory default setting of aggressively pretending the GOP is not dangerously insane, Matthew "Who the hell is this inconsequential mimeograph copy of a person and why does he keep appearing Zelig-like on my teevee?" Dowd has decided to eschew all that stuff he said two weeks ago about blaming people being bad and counterproductive -- 
DOWD I think that Martha, part of the real problem in this is until this part changes I think that we're going to be in this situation. We need to redefine winning differently. We define winning today as us versus them.

I'm going to score points and if I don't score points I'm going to decide who the winner and the loser is. We define everything as a battle, everything as a civil war. The president, I think, has tried to balance this tension, but I think he constantly falls into; I think he would like to bring the country together and be accommodating and do all that. He ran on that just like Bush ran on that.

The end result of Bush's didn't turn out well. The end results of President Obama's didn't turn out well. But I think President Obama lapses back into this sort of dualistic thing that, OK I wasn't able to do it, I'm going to point fingers and I'm going to, and you watched his speech last week. And his speech last week was a perfect microcosm--

Martha Raddatz, (warming the seat for The Clinton Guy Who Fell From Grace with the Sea): Let's change the tone, but maybe not. 
DOWD: Let's change the tone but they're at fault. Whenever you say they're at fault, you can't--
-- in favor of joining the "Obama's Katrina!" chorus over the aforementioned glitchy website which, as far as I know, has not destroyed any major American cities or killed over 1,800 American citizens. 

Meanwhile, over on "Meet the Press" two otherwise unemployable political liabilities and serial-liars -- Mitt Romney and Bill Kristol -- took turns beating the truth to a pulp, while David Gregory swiveled his his blunt, simian features this way and that indicating that he might or might not have heard a single word they said.

Mr. Gregory thanked each of them for their time.


Frank Stone said...

Re Senator Honor Duel: It should be noted that when he was questioned about the plagiarism accusation by Jorge Ramos of Fusion, he responded with a standard, and profoundly dishonest, rhetorical trick: sidestepping the charge by responding to an entirely different charge that no one had actually made -- i.e., that he was claiming credit for creating the plot for Gattaca. Way to demonstrate your rigorous intellectual honesty, Senator Honor Duel.

Cirze said...

Kristol and Romney as the lead liars? With a backup (drunk) singer?

Whoo baby. What a neat (er, useful) tool for disinformation the TV has turned out to be!

And no one mentions it.

You coulda also offered up the splendiforous reappearance of Jesus boy on Mika and Joe's lovefest the other day . . . but who cares? It's all such a glorious liars club on TV today that one show cannot really outdo the others in splenetic excess anymore.

And the hosts are permitted to raise eyebrows at their chosen guests?

I love that new feature.

Not a bug.

(Bulworth is cued to sing hip-hop slurs to end the program?)