Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Price is What you pay.

Value is what you get.
-- Warren Buffett
Here's the price:

MSNBC's "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough earns $99,038 PER WEEK from his show -- this according to divorce docs obtained by TMZ -- but the crazier part ... his soon-to-be ex-wife will only see a tiny fraction of it.

We broke the story ... the 50-year-old former Florida congressman quietly filed for divorce from his wife of 12 years Susan Waren back in September 2012. They have 2 minor kids (a 10-year-old and a 5-year-old).
I remain, as ever, hilariously mystified as to the value.


mahakal said...

Let me explain. People are paid to lie. People who lie well are paid best. People who tell the truth are shunned.

Chucklenuts said...

99,036 per week, plus he is one of the "47%" who "mooch" off the gov't (from his days in congress, he gets a pension and healthcare). So, this is my thought, how the fuck can someone who is a moocher, not tell his audience, hey I am one of the 47% and I make 3.65 million a year?? Oh, never mind, I forgot, he is a piece of lying shit who is in that club that I or you do not belong too, therefore is exempt from telling/saying anything remotely honest and is required to maintain his lifestyle by bending over and accepting his marching orders from the Heritage fucksticks. But hey, here I am criticizing someone who is successful, how un-american of me. Fucking Fuckstick

OBS said...

Good old Joe -- strongly defending the sacred Sanctity Of Marriage from those stupid mooching wimmens.

JerryB said...

Does that mean he and Mika can stop sneaking around now?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what Mahakal said.

-- Nonny Mouse

steeve said...

"People who lie well are paid best"

No, the people paid best to lie do it very, very badly. There have to be ten million power-suckling pigs out there who can lie better.

So it's still a mystery.