Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dribble Down -- The Halperining

Over in The Better Universe, Mark Halperin would appreciate whatever change you can spare.

Over in our Universe, this by Eric Alterman requires no gilding:
...[Mark] Halperin’s contempt for liberals and liberalism permeates almost every page of Double Down. In describing the clownish attempt by the group Americans Elect to “drag the political conversation to the sensible center,” he and his co-author admire the ridiculous organization’s “array of heavy-hitting allies,” almost all of whom are fiscal conservatives and foreign-policy hawks. And yet these figures are portrayed by H&H as deeply “concerned that the two-party duopoly had run its course, that the Republican and Democratic parties were so tightly in the grip of the far right and the far left that good governance had become impossible.” This is “blame both sides” bullshit in its Platonic essence. Just which “far left” Democrats are in charge of anything, anywhere—save perhaps The Nation—is not explained. And yet these famed “heavy hitters” from the “sensible center” believe themselves to be living in a world in which Ralph Nader and Occupy Wall Street are no less powerful and influential than Ted Cruz and the Tea Party.
The "Blame Both Sides" fortress is the last and most formidable redoubt remaining from which Conservatives are free to snipe from leisurely cover.  It is huge, fortified with gargantuan bales of money, well-provisioned and staffed will thousands of loyal Centrist stooges but I am confident that once people like Mr. Halperin begin to wake up every day so freaked out at the thought of Liberal reprisals that he forces Young Luke Russert to start tasting his food for him, this bullshit will come to an end.


The cheese eater said...

The list of "both sides" pundits keeps growing. In addition to Halprin, Moyers, Scarborough and Tiabbi, we can now add Thom Hartman. In a wide ranging discussion, Hartman gives repeated examples of both sides doing it. Republicans and Democrats work tirelessly to protect plutocrats and oligarchs at the expense of everyone else.

This particular example of false equivalency can be heard by copying and pasting this link:

While Amy Goodman implies that Republicans are worse than Democrats for average Americans, Hartman sees "both parties" working synergistically over time to achieve the same set of objectives for the same constituency.

EVille Mike said...

I hope this is as big as it seems to me right now, cuz it kinda looks like "arrival" to me:

For going on three decades now, there has not been a hackier hack on this little blue marble than Mark Halperin. He is the worst thing to happen to political journalism since the mob in Alton iced Elijah Lovejoy. He is walking journalistic potato blight. He is a living, breathing, suppurating punditizing boil on the asscheeks of a once-proud profession. Doc Alterman has the 411 on the history of this towering 'ho, and the remarkable Driftglass, friend to young bloggers and owner of the prettiest website (Bring back the meteor, dammit!) on the Intertoobz, catches Halperin in his latest act of abject 'ho-dom, servicing (of all people) Glenn Beck.

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