Thursday, November 07, 2013


As I was hauling for the exit this morning, I paused long enough to watch Chuck Todd on my Liberal Teevee, Explainin' Real Hard about how "two-term moderate governor" Mitt Romney is not now Preznit* Mitt Romney because of the Obama campaign's vewy vewy sneaky "tactic" of "painting" him as some kind of Severe Conservative

by vewy vewy unfairly quoting Mittens and his running mate at length and verbatim.

As a result, it became vewy, vewy hard for people like Chuck Todd to hit their Forget-What-Just-Happened Beltway Media MIB memory zapper gizmos fast enough or hard enough on behalf of Mr. 47% to get him elected.
(Dear Chuck,  Pro tip:  Staring directly into the flash of your own Forget-What-Just-Happened Beltway Media MIB memory zapper gizmo is not good for your brain.)
Later, as I drove cross-town, I listened to just enough of the barking mad back-and-forth between Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter to learn what an awesome person Ken Cuccinelli is and how he was stabbed in the back by establishment Republicans like Orrin Hatch.

Our realities no longer overlap at any point.

*thank for the catch, preznit :-)


Anonymous said...

Jeez, DG, when DID they overlap?

preznit said...

oh, he's way past pre-zit, he's more of a boil on the ass and quite possibly infected by now mitt rmoney ;}

dinthebeast said...

Let's see, gravity, entropy, rapid oxidation, osmosis... The REALITIES overlap just fine. The descriptions diverge. But last time I checked, reality gave less than a shit how people described it.

-Doug in Oakland

JerryB said...

With the exception of maybe the top 20% this country is slowly tearing itself in two. The divisions are starting to come to the surface all over the place. I'm predicting armed civil conflict by 2020.

Anonymous said...

Well... The Cooch was backstabbed. They wanted Bill to be their nominee. Because Bill is the sort of pro business, pro defense, low tax, low regulation, not really giving a shit about social issues Republican they like who happens to sell in the blue and purple parts of Virginia. When they ended up with The Cooch the business community went after he and started supporting pro business/low tax/pro defense Democrats (read every single Democrat in Virginia is pretty much like this, outside of social issues we are all Republicans at heart). Bill refused to endorse the Cooch, and the national party refused to help him for the most part as well.

His only support came from Rand Paul and Ted Cruz... who are known for letting defense cuts and a government shutdown happen. Defense cuts and government shutdowns are known as "fire half of Virginia" and very unpopular in the blue area. You'd get better support liquidating social security than you would cutting defense around here. So having those idiots strutting around.... right after and during the shutdown when everybody was out of work and sitting at home wasn't such a bright idea.

Sure The Cooch was no gem and a lousy candidate. But he was fucked over by the establishment, the business community, and the donor class. Which landed him giving speeches with Rand "I support defense cuts" Paul, and Ted "shut it down" Cruz.

OBS said...

Shorter Geese: "Conservatism can never fail, it can only be failed."

Anonymous said...

I didn't say that at all. Conservatism can damn well fail, it did here in VA.

However The Cooch being a shitty candidate and a theocrat doesn't mean that the Republican establishment and donor class didn't fuck him over, and that they weren't rooting for him to lose.

If they had gotten their candidate of choice they wouldn't have back stabbed him and he might have one.

This is why you never give the grass roots, base, or true believers what they want. You always go with the most elite, establishment, power friendly option you can get. True believers and people who vote off values are dangerous fools.

Anonymous said...

ugh... the errors S/G above, serves me right for drinking way too much scotch at lunch. On the other hand, Laphroig!

Unknown said...

The problem for the so-called ``establishment'' Republicans is that the Tea Party kneecaps them in the primaries where the nutjobs show up in numbers and kills them off altogether in the general election with independents who can't stomach what the nutjobs have come up with.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The stab-in-the-back is one of the most comforting lies losing sides tell themselves. Oh no it was Cuccinelli's stated goals of panty-raids , crotch sniffing, gau bashing, opptession and lunacy! A "fake" libertarian did it!

mark1147 said...

Yo, drifty! Romney served only ONE term as governor of Massachusetts (Jan. 2003-Jan. 2007).

mark1147 said...

Dang, I see now it was the execrable Chuck Todd who was dubbing the Mittster as a two-term governor. My apologies, drifty.

And fuck you, Chuck Todd -- you deserve to be drop-kicked off the air and out of print for that gratuitous fluffing of a has-been's record.