Friday, October 25, 2013

Time Was

to uncover the nefarious assholery of public officials, you had to at least wire up a crooked lawyer or two and bug the right booth at Counsellors Row:
FBI `Sting` Targeting Corrupt Judges, Zoning
December 02, 1989 By John O`Brien and Ray Gibson. Tribune reporter James Strong contributed to this article.

As the FBI monitored his activities, Cooley, a friend and legal adviser to politicians, acted as a broker for people who wanted to fix court cases or to influence the awarding of zoning changes by city officials, according to the sources.

``This was a guy who could use his powerful friends to get what he wanted,`` said one person familiar with the inquiry.

The investigation, one of the most widespread undercover cases in Chicago`s history, has turned up evidence that judges have continued to take payoffs despite the public spotlight cast by Operation Greylord, which has led to the indictments of 84 people, including judges and prominent lawyers, sources said.

The key targets of the investigation started by Cooley include Ald. Fred Roti (1st), businessman Pat Marcy, at least two Cook County Circuit Court judges and organized crime and gambling figures, the sources said.

Sources familiar with the case said Cooley was an extraordinarily valuable informant whose relationship to politicians and organized crime figures enabled him to provide tips that have led to gambling raids in the 1st Ward over the past year.

His information also helped attorneys for the U.S. Justice Department`s Organized Crime Strike Force persuade a judge to grant permission to bug a booth at Counsellors Row, a downtown restaurant frequented by politicians.
But these days all you need to do is sit within earshot of the former director of the NSA when he gets all loud and braggy.


Anonymous said...


When I worked at the Pentagon we got a big lecture about not talking on the subway, trains, bus and other places. It was well known there were people from various groups waiting for us to say something, and even trailing various people.

I had a similar lecture when joining the Navy, at various stations, and at times as my clearance level changed.

If you want to talk while you travel that's what a private car or plane is for, I'm sure the good general can get one. Though I will admit the train is really nice and very fun to take (beats the fuck out of a car or plane) and I take it regularly between the DC and NY offices... but it's not exactly "private". Which is another reason wwhy you fucking take it, so you have an excuse not to talk to people or do work... because it's not a fucking secure area. I'm sure the good general knows this as well because "I can't talk about this here" is an excuse us enlisted types get yelled at for all the time

marindenver said...

Time was - yes indeedy - you had to actually use a land phone to bray out to anyone listening all your opinions on the hoi polloi but no more. Just need a smartPhone and a seat on the Acela and bray away for all to hear. I'm sure, though, that his "are you kidding me - I didn't say THAT" explanations should take care of all of it. Nothing to see here, move along.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Oddly enough, the hysterical ninnies over at have been disturbingly silent about this particular incident - except for that gibbering head, Jesselyn Radack.

One would have thought that an actual national security demon blabbing actual national security matters in a public place would have been manna from heaven to feed their fever dreams, but one would have been wrong.

I guess NSA disruptor spying in not actually the worstest thing ever, after all. Who knew?