Monday, October 21, 2013

I Continue to Work Hard to Drive Down My Insufferability Quotient

As you know, I am Chicken Souping my soul by temporarily suspending the conceit that I am right about some things and other people are wrong or are so late to the party that they should at least wipe their feet before heading for the keg.

Meanwhile and unrelatedly, blogger, popular Conservative public intellectual and official internet laurel-bestower Andrew Sullivan is getting pretty darn tired of all these Moderate-Come-Latelies:
Of course I agree, but I still find it passing strange that McConnell is now viewed as some kind of moderate realist. I’m a little tired of bestowing the laurels of moderation on all those who only actually worked toward sanity in the very last hours before default. Many appeased insanity until that very point, which, given the economic catastrophe over the horizon, is not moderation at all.

The GOP is full of cowards – congressmen scared of primaries, leaders scared of Ted Cruz, everyone scared of Rush Limbaugh. It’s a party riven by fear, exploiting fear, and creating fear.
Great job, Andrew, but a gentle reminder that ultimately you'll never get ahead in this business by mean or critical of others.


Anonymous said...

Since I know DG is a former IT worker, enjoy! This is up there with the stupidest things Chuck Todd has ever said.

casimir said...

I'm beginning to believe that you have completely made up this "Andrew Sullivan" fellow and supplied all of his lines. It is not possible for self-knowledge to be such an unknown unknown.

Anonymous said...

Where did they get this guy? Did he just say get another server? Damn, I feel bad for Jay Carney. He must've upset the gods in his past life.


Horace Boothroyd III said...

Jeebus in a hotrod, that is too too too too funny! Sully the Large, Berater of Cowards.

Kathleen said...

Chuck Todd haz a fee fee sad. Obama and Co aren't showing him the love and respect he so richly deserves so he must throw tantrums about the ACA web site because, well, he really cares about We The Great Unwashed have a seamless experience in procuring affordable health care. Jeremy Scahill put Toddles in his place on Maher's show a few years ago. Great takedown.