Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fundraiser Day Four: Just When Victoria Jackson

Thought she had the title of Dumb-As-Almighty-Fuck Blonde Wingnut all sewn up...

...Ms. Suzanne Somers decided it would be a really excellent idea to take on all those Libruls who pointed out that the only thing her Wall Street Journal op-ed demonstrated conclusively was that any scavenger hunter showing up at her door in search of a clue about history, health care policy or how government actually would leave empty handed:
Suzanne Somers Responds To Critics, Says She Has A Thick Skin

by Brandy Zadrozny Oct 30, 2013 2:05 PM EDT

When Suzanne Somers called Obamacare a socialized ponzi scheme, critics swiftly ripped apart her argument. In an email to The Daily Beast, she defends her assertions.

Suzanne Somers, the loveable darling of TV’s Three’s Company and more recently, a controversial advocate for alternative medicine, got a lot of flack about her Wall Street Journal column published Monday denouncing The Affordable Care Act as “socialized medicine.” The Journal offered a lengthy correction of her most egregious errors, but even that couldn't stop the pile-on from reporters criticizing her numerous, dubious claims about the Canadian health-care system and the effects of Obamacare on seniors.

Is there anything else you want to say? I grew up in an America where individual beliefs were respected. Both sides of the aisle worked together because there was a common vision. As Americans you could dream big. I was an abused child with a big dream. As I hid in the closet night after night escaping the violence, I visualized a time where I could be on a big stage. I saw it. I dreamt it. And because I was an American, I worked hard and achieved my goal. I now live a life filled with love and happiness. I hope for all Americans that we can return to a time where we all can dream big and accomplish good together.
Right off the bat, as a freelance editor, I believe it is my responsibility to point out that not only has "The Daily Beast" misspelled the word "lovable", but I think they have confused that word with "pneumatic eye-candy".

Now, having dispensed with my duties as editor-without-portfolio, let me state that I while I find Ms. Somers' kind of invincible conservative stupidity tragic, I also a terrible person who finds it immensely entertaining to watch Famous Conservative Dolts fail over and over and over again to notice when they have dug the hole so deep that even the Balrogs are telling them maybe they should put down the shovel and go take a nap.

Like week-old chili wagon leftovers, Ms. Somers' stupid burns even harder on the second day than it did on the first.

One the other hand, Ms. Somers now has had one more column published in the Daily Beast and in the Wall Street Journal than anyone I know.


Now I'm all sad.  And on my birthday.

Hey, you know what would make me feel slightly better?



stickler said...

If you were more than a freelance editor, you would have noticed that the proper word for what Somers ran into was "flak".

Cirze said...

And I thought what she had run into was truthtellers.

Happy Birthday, fellow Sagittarius!

Good luck with the fundraiser. You deserve every cent.

Anonymous said...

I'm not here to mock you Ms Somers, but I must insist on accuracy. Barack Obama took a Republican plan, and by adopting it, turned the Republican party against that plan. Where is the room for compromise or bipartisan work that you speak of?

If you wish for your work to be respected, then it must be accurate.