Monday, September 30, 2013

The Single Virtue of a Government Shutdown


Because every few years our Mainstream Media allows so much gooey, Brooksian, "Both Sides" gunk to build up on our nation's cerebral cortex that becomes necessary to slice through the sheath of Beltway bilge-slinger lies and remind the American people just how deeply Conservatives hate this country.


casimir said...

And so what IS wrong with reviving secession? I know that a third of the folks in the red states are reasonably thoughtful & decent, & two-fifths of the folks in the blue states do just want to be governed by an authoritarian framework that allows them to be morally fetal, so it's not just drawing a line; we need a means for folks to migrate across it for a while, in both directions. But the Republican strategy of the past 45 years has revealed how fundamentally irreconcilable is our schism between folks who try to chart a collective path thru the uncertainty of the cosmos & those simply unable to overcome their core of existential fear & loathing. I don't even mind giving them first choice of the landscape (they've already got the Rockies, though I'd like to keep New England), just get them out of my polis. Building and keeping a decent society is hard enough without two-fifths of the people trying to drag it under.

Tengrain said...

This is about as short and perfect a post as I can imagine.




DeistPaladin said...

Sometimes I wonder if it's possible to THROW certain states out of the union.
I know, not very nice or seriously feasible but there are times when I wish we could.

Anonymous said...

Since David Brooks is David Broder, I think a word like "Brodskian" needs to exist.

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