Saturday, December 01, 2012

The Schizophrenia Regularly on Display

At Andrew Sullivan's Apostate Conservative Monkey House is genuinely impressive.

Like children playing "The floor is made of lava!" the way Apostate Conservative's avoid the horror of being called a "Liberal" while reconcile their contradictory, oscillating fears of
  1. The unique and lethal insanity of a modern Conservatism that they helped to create,
  2. Jeopardizing their Centrist media meal-tickets by acknowledging that modern Conservatism is uniquely crazy and evil, and,
  3. People noticing and pointing out that their entire brief against the Right consists of dog-eared photocopies of what Liberals were saying 30 years ago,
leaves them leaping wildly from any available ideological outcropping
...I would have loved to have a chance to debate my critique of modern Republicanism - "The Conservative Soul" - on Fox News. You'd think a discussion of that kind would have enlivened a show segment. But the book was ignored by almost every conservative media outlet. My cover story on Obama's long game last January spawned several segments in prime time on Fox, but despite persistent requests from Newsbeast's publicist, Fox chose other people to defend the essay I wrote. When they put a screen shot of the magazine cover on TV they actually blurred out my name, in true Stalinist fashion in which an individual is simply airbrushed out of existence. Megyn Kelly, moreover, asserted that I was not an "actual journalist" and I was given no right of reply, despite insistent requests.  
I don't need cable news to get my ideas out there. But the chilling effect on desperately needed discourse on where conservatism went so badly wrong is not a solution to a problem. It is the source of the problem. 
Roger Ailes has helped kill conservatism in America, by never allowing it to criticize itself. When journalism puts power above truth it isn't, to coin a phrase, "actual journalism". It's propaganda. And I, like others in the Stalinist atmosphere, was just rendered invisible in the one-party state that is the GOP's media-industrial complex.

to the next,
MSNBC is just as bad. But Fox is the best at it.
to the next,
Tomasky's related thoughts [on Barack Obama's new negotiating-style.]
If the White House had instead yesterday offered a modest set of specific entitlement cuts and domestic spending cuts, that would have started the negotiations on GOP turf, since those are the two things the GOP wants. This of course is exactly what Obama used to do: As in last year's debt negotiations, he started by offering the Republicans half a loaf, and the compromise ended up at 75 or 80 percent of the GOP loaf, and Obama looked weak and his voters were terribly dispirited. it took months for him and them to recover. He seems to have learned the lesson that that didn't work so well.
But he just got re-elected. It's a classic time for magnanimity - and yet he began the critical negotiations by poking the defeated GOP in the eye. This is not the new politics. It's the old partisanship. I hope it works. I fear it won't.
never noticing that, when taken in their totality, their statements expose them as the opportunistic moral jellyfish they are.


steeve said...

"But he just got re-elected. It's a classic time for magnanimity"

Good god. It's the stupid that makes me heave, not the conservatism. If you're someone who wants to "get my ideas out there", shouldn't your ideas contain a tenth of a second of thought before releasing them to production?

That statement is logically, empirically, historically, situationally, practically, and necessarily absurd.

Even if Sullivan starts agreeing with liberals about everything, admits all his own failings, and returns from the wilderness in 20 years, he still shouldn't ever think in public. He's just too goddamned stupid.

El Cid said...

Bizarrely enough, apparently magnanimity is only truly classically applied after an election victory by Democrats.

An electoral victory by Republicans should properly be followed by the classic "Dick Waving Dance".

driftglass said...

This comment "marindenver" was deleted in error...

"and yet he began the critical negotiations by poking the defeated GOP in the eye"

And about f'n time too! I'm starting to enjoy politics again. ;-)

blackdaug said...

I second the mistakenly deleted comment, and hope to see Obama literally poke his finger in Jan Brewer's eye...way in, while shouting "you lie!" at her corpse-like visage.
Also, this rash of head explosions seems to resemble almost every other time this President has displayed the audacity of doing "things" or attempting to enact any so called "policies".
You can almost see them repressing the urge to shout "uppity"! as they spit out their indignant outrage.
It reminds me of when Sully was on Bill Maher and complained that Obama in the first debate just seemed "lazy"..and it made Andy very angry.
For a brit, he sure displays all the symptoms of being a typical all american cracker ass douche....

Anonymous said...

Well sweet tidy bowl Jesus skipping across the blue water, the old partisanship has got to work better than the new politics to which we've been subjected for the last four years. Which has pretty been one long scream of NOOOOOO on one side of the debate.

Any time anyone notices any appreciation of magnanimity from wingnuts, let me know - the salvation of the world will be at hand.

Matthew Drain said...

Magnanimity? My father taught me and I taught my children that the best time to kick someone is when they're down.

Anonymous said...

Remember George Bush's "accountabilility moment" after the 2004 election? (Pause for Republicans saying "George W? Wasn't he a Democrat?")

As Gramps used to say:"Never hit someone when they're down - kick them, you won't strain your back."

Cthulhu said...

Matthew, I was taught to NEVER leave an enemy alive behind you. We've seen how the reich wing treats this president and the middle and lower class, and theres simply no room for "magnimnity". Screw that, theres too much at stake. Kick them when they're down, and make sure they stay down, until they learn their lesson.

Hamfast Ruddyneck said...

El Cid actually saw the Rethugs waving their dicks the last time they won?

How did he see the dicks? Did he bring his binoculars? ;)