Friday, October 05, 2012

Professional Left Podcast #148


“Why when I talk about belief, why do you always assume I'm talking about God?”  
-- Shepherd Book

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

They're both liars, and neither of them gives a shit about any of us.

They're simply marketing to different groups of rubes.

And that's the problem with our system.

Swede said...

As driftglass has written "...Barack Obama must do the hardest thing of all: he must exceed his design specifications.". Is the debate a sign that he is unable to do so?

PAL52 said...

Wow. A million. I guess my relentless driftglass promotion on Facebook (80 friends and rising) is having the intended effect.

HitandMiss said...

Have you had the chance to watch the
Bill O'Reilly vs Jon Stewart Debate?

youtube com/watch?v=A051B-uPopM

Jon smacks Bill around on nearly every topic, The audience in with him, Bill is caught in several logical pit holes, and has to resort to made up facts and RL, yet STILL at the end he resorts to fake centerism with regards to who to vote for and whos right/wrong.

Sigh* Come on Jon! you had the guy on the ropes, you blaimed the GOP for nearly everything yet your still opining for some sense from the right!

Fritz Strand said...

Your account of why Obama fails because of his own centralist trap is by far the best analysis if I heard or read about the debate.

Keep up the great work.

Fritz Strand said...

You really nailed Obama's peformance. Your analysis of Obama's centralist trap in the last debate is the best I have read.

Keep up the great work.

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