Monday, March 19, 2012

Mrs. Alan Greenspan Explains Why

We can't have nice things.

In this advertisement for MSNBC (that last bastion of Commie trickery and America-hating cut-and-runniness left in Jesusland) Mrs. Alan Greenspan takes great pains to denounce unnamed "political parties" and "interest groups" who are ruining everyone else' good time.




OK, then, which "political parties", Mrs. Alan Greenspan? The Whigs? The Copperheads? The Natural Law Party? The LaRouchies?

Of course, these questions are purely rhetorical because no grubby groundling is ever permitted within asking distance of Mrs. Alan Greenspan to challenge her Centrist bullshit, but the fact that this is passed editorial muster at MSNBC and now appears in official MSNBC advertising (as did Mrs. Alan Greenspan's previous advertising spots she has both inferred that she personally was the first female reporter in American history, and that she was also the first reporter on Earth of any gender to be hassled by a dictator for asking a mouthy question) is depressing.

Perhaps after hosting so many thousands of Washington D.C. cocktail parties and after so many years making the Galt-with-two-backs with an 800-year-old Ayn Rand fan boy (who was also one of the chief Conservative architects of the near-destruction of the global economy), it is no longer physiologically possible for Andrea Mitchell's mouth to form itself to say anything other than "Both Sides Do It".

But now the calls are coming from inside the house.

And MSNBC management should fucking well know better.


Anonymous said...

"Lean Forward"...but not too much, you might step on someones toes..

Jack said...

Heh. Yeah, I saw that commercial the other day and had to laugh. It's a pretty pathetic evasion of the truth.

And this morning, I had the day off and so I caught a bit of Chuck Toddler's show. The poor lad was practically sobbing that Mitt Romney's coronation is being interfered with by Smelly Santorum. It seems so clear that Toddler is hoping to vote for Romney; he probably thinks that makes him "sensible" and "moderate," and not an enabler of the New Confederacy.

But that said, all things considered, I'm pretty damn happy with MSNBC. Ari Melber from The Nation has a show? Or is he just a regular guest host? Chris Hayes, of course, also from The Nation, has a show. And Katrina van den Hueval is on constantly. Who would have ever guessed ten years ago that there would be a major news network with THREE people from The Nation?! And that's to say nothing of all the other good talent they have, foremost among them being Rachel Maddow, but the list is quite long.

Even Michael Moore seems to be on for an hour or two a week.

If liberals could just stop hating their own side and attacking everyone in their own ranks, we might actually come to recognize how good it is that we have this toehold in the media.

Ebon Krieg said...

What does the MS stand for anyways?

Ben Cisco said...

Your Media Inaction | My Ready Room

Today’s media at its fluffiest – where the only thing worse than being to the left of Genghis Khan is admitting the left could be right about ANYTHING, EVER.

Denny Smith said...

This freak is an out-and-out Randian Objectivist who has never apologized for the destruction his beliefs have caused, and he never will.
...and fuck MSNBC for giving him time in order to sell ratings.

Roket said...

Mrs. Alan Greenspan is a slutty, slut, slut, slut. And when I call her 'slut' I in no way infringe upon her free speech rights. That would be wrong of me.

Jack said...

MS stands for Microsoft. Back in the day, MSNBC was a joint venture of Microsoft and NBC. It's worked out pretty well, all things considered.

I really don't understand the vitriol towards Mrs. Greenspan seen here in the comments. Okay, I do understand it: It's posted by people who probably aren't familiar with her work. She's actually quite supportive of liberal, Democratic causes most of the time. She's not quite as far left as, say, Rachel Maddow, or Chris Hayes, or Melissa Harris Perry, but she's consistently in our corner.

We should stop being such snobs and assholes and take our allies where we find them. And we should stop shooting off our mouths, calling people "slutty sluts," if we're not even familiar with their work or how often they support us.

Anonymous said...

Well, Jack...two things: 1) an ability to read between the lines is helpful. When Mrs G says "political parties" she should say "The republican party and the republican party ONLY", since her point is about repressing the vote. Pretty important distinction, and by not making it she's not being very "supportive of liberal Democratic causes..."2) Understand the occasional jape jibe or joke as such. I'm fairly certain, although I don't know him/her, that Roket was going for the funny with his slut comment...

Anonymous said...

To Jack,

Behold, the great burden of the liberals. Republicans march in lockstep, so they are easy to direct.

For progressives, it is The Great Herding of the Cats.