Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Good Stuff" Conservatism

Once again, Mr. Sullivan's posse has taken predictable refuge behind their version of the old Communist doctrine -- that Conservatism cannot fail, Conservatism can only be failed.

Because if Reagan's Clown Car has bad stuff in the trunk or bad people at the wheel, well that simply means its not really Conservatism.

C'mon, dude: that's just science.

Also too, along with such luminaries as Mark Kelly, Elizabeth Warren and Steve Jobs, Mr. Sullivan was also just lengthily profiled in "Esquire" as one of "20 Americans of the Year" in an article that begins thus:
"A Catholic British intellectual becomes a revolutionary American."

And contains paragraphs like this:
But by now, The Dish has become a unique Internet touchstone, a site that might be the one place driven by moral force independent of moralism or tiresome political cant. Whereas the political Internet exists entirely to polarize, Sullivan resists polarization.
Congratulations, Mr. Sullivan.


knowdoubt said...

It pains me to see Elizabeth Warren in such company.

Anonymous said...

I've watched a few of the vids in his "Ask me anything" serial

He reminds me of every poseur I've ever known. Rambling, disjointed, aiming to please everyone.

Not that you can't tell this from his writing. But in his videos, it comes through before the first minute has come and gone.

Did you read how he and Brietbart had a swell time together on a receent transcontinental flight>

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