Sunday, March 20, 2011

His Search-and-Rescue "X-Code"

Clearly indicates that Arch-neoconservative war monger and world-famous nepotistic adulterer Paul Wolfowitz:

  • is not safe and may be subject to sudden additional collapse. Any endeavor which he hooks his grubby little paws into should have several safe haven areas and rapid evacuation routes.

  • is infested by rats.

  • poses a substantial HAZMAT danger.

  • has no living human being still inside him.

  • is covered in the blood of hundreds of thousands.
Which begs the question: why is this open moral sewer of a human being being asked to appear as an expert or spokesman for anything at the Mouse Circus today?

Over whom does he still have such power?


mahakal said...

You just stated a whole bunch of qualifications, from their perspective.

mymatedave said...

I think you've answered this question in several previous posts.

"There is a club. He is in it."

Anonymous said...

Presumably Wolfy was invited on because he promised a reprise his famous to comb-sucking performance.

John Puma

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

come on, drifty.

The only way to get kicked out of the Village is to criticize the Teabaggers, or Rush Limbaugh.

Or kill a hobo, live on camera.

Wait, strike that last.

Kathy said...

I doubt killing anyone, live on camera, would bother the Mouse (should be Rat) Circus audience. They can rationalize anything Their Side Does. Their Cult Leaders are Divinely Inspired.

I like capitalizing certain words for emphasis. Got it from Georgette Heyer books where the females would talk about That Woman, as in "That Woman will cross my threshold over My Dead Body!" (To which the hero replies "That would be a sight, indeed!")

Anonymous said...

He advances the interests and profits of the powerful.
Therefore he is always a Serious person deserving of madia attention and respect. Being repeatedly and disastrously wrong is irrelevant when your job is to push a proftable storyline.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Heh. I got the Bad Habit of capitalizing Various Words from Frank Lloyd Wright books. He's hilarious at it.

OT, drifty, I am quite a bit in love with the new header graphic.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention his sunni spy girl friend.

Laihdutusvalmisteet said...

That suits him well..

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