Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Some Of My Midterm Tweets

Because if you can't poach content from yourself...
  • O'Donnell concedes. Blames evil twin sister Serena.

  • Discretionary spending getting killed tonight. But with re-election of "Pampers" Vitter, indiscretionary spending still obviously IOKIYAR.

  • By talking about 1994, Radical Socialist Lester Holt is asserting that history did not begin on 01/20/09. Why does he hate America?

  • Party of Chumps & Millionaires doing well. If you voted for them, check your wallet. If there's not a million dollars in it, guess what?

  • BREAKING: Fox calls Florida for George Bush.

  • BREAKING: Kang and Kodos still too close to call.

  • BREAKING: Paladino concedes. Promises to "leave gun" but "take cannoli"...

  • If only Democrats had moved to the Center more...

  • If only the Democrats had thrown a few more Liberals on the bonfire. If only they had let Mitch McConnell cockpunch them another 10-20 times

  • BREAKING: Ed Rendell proposes Zombie Dick Nixon for Obama Chief of Staff. After all, he does know Washington...

  • BREAKING: TheAmericanPeople (all 1 word) vote to masturbate with their Right hand for awhile.

  • Not Boehner's fault he's bombed. He got tricked into a "take a shot every time a Republican lies about budget arithmetic" drinking game.

  • BREAKING: David Broder says President Boehner can save the economy by invading Poland/annexing Sudetenland.

  • BREAKING: Paladino concedes. Promises to "leave gun" but "take cannoli"...

  • Carl Paladino: Putting the "bat" in "batshit crazy".

  • Senate now back to what the Founders intended: An all-white club for old, rich people.

  • You call that a concession speech, Sestak? Hell, you didn't even threaten to beat Toomey to a pulp if he didn't meet your demands.

  • I guess God did have a Plan for Sharron Angle. And that plan was losing.

  • BREAKING: Sharron Angle's concession speech to be given by decoy.

  • #PatQuinn Thanks, Illinois! We're getting some drive-thru, then we're doing it twice!


Retired Patriot said...


you made me smile on a sad morning!

(voted for Kang not Kodos)

Anonymous said...

Suddenly the "Jack Johnson" vs "John Jackson" race, doesn't seem that bad at all.
The choices in this one could not have been more clear...and yet, the collective "Mr. Short Term Memory" candidates cleaned house.
Think too of the hideous timing. All those state houses flipping red right after the census. The redistricting implications alone are, frankly heart breaking.
Bleah!! I am going along with another commenter and taking a drunk day. Sweet...sweet hops. Take me away!!

Anonymous said...

OK, the Paladino tweet really did make me LOL.

Anonymous said...

"I am not a U.S. Senator, so I guess Christine Odonell really is me"!

Anonymous said...

Feingold and Grayson both gone. This country really is to stupid to govern itself.

Fran / Blue Gal said...

Grayson for chief of staff. He knows the House and is available. And anytime Bachmann wants an investigation, just send Alan to the hearing. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree if only he would do it. Think of the enormous pressure he is going to be under to "move to the center". The people surrounding him now are going be pounding the "refudiation" election message in to his head every waking hour. Now is the time for him to turn hard left! Actually 2 years ago would have been a better time.

skunqesh said...

"I am not a U.S. Senator, so I guess Christine Odonell really is me"!

ohh snap! lolz
you know the Daily Show folks are gonna poach that one!

jim said...

What do 2010 voters want?

"Spending to create jobs" & "cutting the deficit" (i.e., "to have our cake" & "to eat it too") ... then they got on their horse & rode madly off in all directions.

Kathy said...

I voted for Reid, reluctantly. If there'd been a 3rd party who was halfway, no 1/10th sane, I'd have voted for him/her. But Angle was just too awful: a MONSTER, really.

I commented on another blog how our TV-Movie monsters are becoming more and more human-ish, sympathetic even. The (hit!) show "Dexter" is a good example. People are being desensitized to the real horror and danger of actual EVIL.

The fact that some of those obviously wicked and insane T-baggers were even nominated, let alone came close to winning is a strong indicator that Americans really are losing all sense of discernment between good and evil. Coming soon (to a tv or theater near you), American pogroms and concentration camps. And then they become real.

Cirze said...

And the ratings will skyrocket.

Believe it!


Kathy said...

... or maybe the concentration camp Drama will be made in England- I think they did have a series once about England losing WWII and being under Nazi rule. Just update it a bit and give it a clever name ("campers") and next thing we know Hollywood will do an imitation, with more explosions of course.

HelenBleedingHeart said...

I like reading black humor on the Morning After

Anonymous said...

Your Tweet:
•Carl Paladino: Putting the "bat" in "batshit crazy". Nice.

I had one two weeks ago: "Calling Christine O'Donnell batshit crazy is an insult . . . to guano."

Hat Tip to Blue Gal for nominating Mr. Cojones Alan Grayson to Chief of Staff -- and sending him to Michelle Batshit Bachman impeachment hearings. (Oooo, momma. Can we watch? Can we ooogle?)

Also had that little bit of vomit-in-the-mouth feeling at seeing Squishy David Frum on The Daily Show. (Or, was it Colbert?)

The Big Advice Machine:
Obama-the Dems-D.C.-Us "f*cking retarded" progressives (Thanx, Rahm)-and ALL humanist, non-satanic Lefties GOTTA MOVE TO THE MISSING MIDDLE. We must learn to compromise. We must stop our radical progressive leftie agenda . . . and scurry like plague rats. TO THE CENTER. !!#&*#$%#

Puke. And shame on Jon Stewart's bookers for the parade of weenies who show up on TDS now. Has Jon lost it in the war?

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