Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day

If you are an American, you are free today because some fellow American you never knew died long before you were born to keep you that way.

So it does not seem so much to ask that this generation of Americans all be willing to pay a little more and take a little less to secure the freedom of Americans yet to be.


Roket said...

So very true. We must sacrifice today so that the generations of tomorrow can sacrifice even more. This of course does not apply to the rich because if it weren't for them none of us would have any jobs. Or so I'm told.

Caoimhin Laochdha said...

The Surge-Escalation was the final testament to the fact that we lost the Iraq war.
To the extent the "point" of war is to either defend or make one safer, the moment we invaded Iraq, we were doomed. Doomed to be less safe and doomed to lose incalculable amounts of blood and treasure - most not even ours.

The day George Bush dropped the first bomb, he lost the war. (He UNwon the Gulf War in Iraq?).

The Surge was a result of losing the war, not a strategy to succeed in something where no success is, or was, available.

The Surge/Escalation did not succeed because the war was long lost when the escalation started.
The Surge/Escalation could not succeed when it acted as a barometer to our overall failure.

There is no "success" in a lost war. Pointing to a lull when we we did not seem to be losing as badly as we did/as we were/as we are - does not me we won a battle or turned a strategic corner either.

Because of the U.S. war on Irak, we are less safe. We are less rich. We are less respected. We are less feared. We are much less loved. Because of the U.S. War On Irak, we are less.


Batocchio said...

What a film. If memory serves, that actress married Kubrick not long after, and he did 50+ takes of some scenes - including either this one or the execution one.

Comrade PhysioProf said...

Why do you hate America?

Anonymous said...

One of Kubric's best movies (and Douglas too, since he basically tapped Kubric to direct), and the one that cut him (Kubric) loose from the studio's control.
Right up there with "All's Quiet.." as one of the best anti war movies ever.
The arrogant, pompous, wine swilling arm chair French general class depicted, went on to build the Maginot wall. Lesson's not well learned.

Anonymous said...

The arrogant, pompous, wine swilling arm chair French general class depicted, went on to build the Maginot wall.

And their spiritual descendants un the Repuican Party today -- well-connected con artist incompetents, committed to nothing but their own self-interest.

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