Friday, August 06, 2010

Your Friday Podcast

For those of you who have never seen "Three Days of the Condor", this is the exchange to which Blue Gal refers in this week's podcast.

Gully Foyle is my name
And Terra is my nation
Deep space is my dwelling place
The stars my destination.

-- Alfred Bester "The Stars My Destination"


Anonymous said...

Hey, Blue Gal,

A gaffe is when a political inadvertently tells the truth.

That's Michael Kinsley, not Chris Matthews. Tweety is not that clever.

Anonymous said...

rethugs have long had 2 factions:

the stupid and mean,

and the clever, greedy and evil.

Anonymous said...

the unifying theme of the two factions:

fuck everybody else but me

Anonymous said...

I haven't read much from him in a while, but Sam Harris follows the same line of thought when it comes to religious moderates. Of course, he sees the meme as a disease, and more and more, it seems as if he has hit the nail on the head.
Moderates in this case being the "live and let..all sides are equal" Brooksian types. These are the people that pose the real danger in both the political and religious world because a "little" knowledge can be a dangerous thing for the whole world.
This is the narrative that the non- fox media has adopted heart and soul. It is based on a world view that assumes both sides have the best interests of everyone at their core.
When of course, in fact, one side has the best interests of a very narrow segment (fuck everyone but me) as a basis for its existence and has to spend all of it's time convincing everyone that helping me...will trickle down to you....
It will certainly be interesting to watch just how ugly the battle will the date for the expiration of "tax cuts for millionaires" draws near. The ultimate in "What's the matter with Kansas" ism.....As we are seeing every day, there really are no limits to the mendacity of these people. So this will be the biggest "drag morons from the middle" tractor pull in history. Which means for the mid-terms: be afraid, be very afraid....

Fran / Blue Gal said...

Anonymous at 10:20..Thanks for the correction, but don'cha think you might leave it at my blog instead? DG doesn't make those kind of

Kathy said...

Right now I'm watching a DHS propaganda movie about the detonation of a Nuke in Washington DC. "Day afte Disaster".

They are claiming that a nuke in a major US city -placed by terrorists shown as dark skinned bearded men (but just as likely right wing christiaists)- is LIKELY.

Actually, I'm switching channels.

Mike Russell said...

Wonderful analysis as always.

However, I am a dicklicker and buttlicker, and I don't think those words work very well as insults anymore. Unless, of course, you don't want anyone licking your dick. ;-)