Saturday, May 29, 2010

Search Engine Optimization Gone Wild

You know the old joke about the actress who was so stupid that she slept with the writer?


From The Democratic Strategist:

Down the Rabbit Hole in South Cackalacky

Earlier this week I did a brief post on the madness that's consumed the South Carolina Republican gubernatorial contest.

Long story short, a conservative blogger and former staffer to both Gov. Mark Sanford and state Rep. Nikki Haley "admitted" he had once had an "inappropriate physical relationship" with Haley, a former Sanford protege (and the beneficiary of an endorsement from Sanford's ex-wife) who has recently rocketed into first place in polls for the primary that will take place on June 8. Haley's denied everything, and the blogger, name of Will Folks (a somewhat shady dude whose departure from Sanford's staff was immediately caused by his conviction on domestic violence charges) has been trickling out highly circumstantial bits of data about his relationship with Haley and her campaign, but nothing that really proves an illicit affair, all the while hinting the real goods were still to come.

Man, some people really will do anything to drive traffic.

By the way, has anyone heard the rumor that I had torrid, mutually-destructive thing with Lucy Liu, Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Joe Sestak and someone named "Kardashian" a couple of years ago that tipped over the first domino in a series of events which ultimately led to the creation of the iPad, the "Lost" finale, the ruination of the careers of prominent politicians on three continents

and the collapse of the Greek government?


Tengrain said...

Drifty -

You forgot the part about inventing Viagra and discovering the Acai berry.



D. said...

Narrator sounded like Scott Muni.

darkblack said...

'By the way, has anyone heard the rumor that I...'

People will talk - pay those wagging tongues no mind.