Monday, March 01, 2010

A Driftglass/Blue Gal Friday Podcast on a Monday?

Has the world gone mad?

Yes. Yes it has.


Unknown said...

The current (post-intellectual/post-Buckley) conservative movement is driven by Authoritarianism - the "abusive alcoholic father" mechanic you mentioned is basically how it works. Specifically, there are two sides; one side being no one questions their superiors, the other is that superiors don't need to explain themselves - they expect complete obedience. An authoritarian in a middle position will - at the same time - obey a superior without hesitation *and* dictate to his inferiors, expecting not to be questioned, and becoming infuriated if he is. One can imagine God as the top end of this chain (His words "interpreted" by the pulpit, of course) and His authoritarian followers being offended by anyone who dare doubt the Word, as He (and by hierarchical extension, they) are Not To Be Questioned. It is no surprise that those that think for themselves are (literally?) demonized by the authoritarian right as during their search for actual truth, they question everything, they demand proof for everything, and for an authoritarian, demanding anything from a "superior", much less proof of his assertions, is a cardinal offense.

You mentioned earlier that the target for all of the lies is the media. Kinda, in the sense that the media, of course, disseminates this crap like a fertilizer spreader. The ultimate target is the undecided middle i.e. the poor bastards not caught in the brainwashing net. Another website taught me that we will never change the minds of the right, but we can expose them as fools to the undecided. We must win over the middle; with eliminationist rhetoric being ratcheted up at an alarming rate, it is no secret what will happen to us if we lose control again.

The big question is, what do we do with the brainwashed? They are positively not just a danger to themselves (as evidenced by their eager willingness to vote against their best interests), but to all others in this great nation. But there isn't even a recognition of their illness, much less an institution large enough for them all. Anything more severe in unacceptably immoral, not to mention difficult to implement. But leaving them where they are practically guarantees our destruction - they are like a weight shackled to our shins, slowing us down, if not pulling us under.

Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Eric, let's put something in the water down there. If we can keep them from breeding they'll all die off soon..

StonyPillow said...

Ken Nordine is a god. That is all.