Saturday, February 20, 2010

Driftglass' and Blue Gal's Friday Podcast

Apparently I have a temper.

Also I have some leftover graphics to haunt your nightmares from a long post I never finished (but which turned out much better in last week's podcast than it was ever gonna in print) about Conservatism being exactly the same as pornography. Because, like porn, wingnut politics evokes the same visceral responses, caters to the same kinds of obsessions, forgives the same kinds of irrationalities, and rewards the same kinds of extreme behavior.

Which is why, over and over again, we on the Left cope so poorly with it.

Because since its earliest, most flamboyant days

To its corpulent twilight

Conservatism has been swept along by not by the power of its plot or its policies, but by the sheer

ugly, violent prowess

of its actors.


jurassicpork said...

Here's an idea: Let's call Steele's followers "trouts". Steele Heads=Trouts, get it? Huh, huh?

Thank you, crickets. I'll be here all week.

mtzbeavers said...

Who are we talking to? You're talking to us, who need to be heartened, humored, encouraged and nudged to try just a little longer instead of moving to an island somewhere.

Keep the faith drifty,

Rehctaw said...

Gotta admit, I agree with you sir. Not your best. The saving grace was your sputtering, stammering incredulity that thinking people even NEED to be talking about this crap. How we can't break free of the inane redundancy dance strategy of the pig people. Gainsaying is not debate.

Playing their games? When there are far more pressing things in need of doing? fixing? sowing and reaping?
You can explain it to them, but you can't understand it for them.

MaƱana? The Tango of Tomorrow?
The answer has to be: "Sorry. I don't dance."

Fran / Blue Gal said...

Don't confuse temper with passion. That is all.

Habitat Vic said...

What choice do we have but to fight on against the Christo-Fascists? I'm back to calls and faxes to my Senators this week, after months of numb depression over politics. My former congressperson was Tammy Baldwin, but now I'm in Paul Ryan's district (yeah, the kill Medicare & Social Security, Rand worshipper - 'nuff said).

I still try to engage some Tea Baggers at the health club, though they've kind of learned to avoid me. This is the result of decades of propaganda and I don't know what can be done to undo that much psychological conditioning.

Get you damn donation page up, Drifty. If I can't afford to donate the equivalent of a bottle of MaCallan 18, then at least let me donate a few drink's worth. You've earned it.

Jerry S said...

Republicans understand what is meant by the quote" No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American Public." Democrats keep hoping that the quote is erroneous.

Cirze said...

Passionate intensity is great in short bursts. It was a great set piece (and nicely unintended).

I'm sending it to my list and will reference it at my blog.


I agree with every word you said, Dg.

And it was nice to hear your good-natured laughter at the end.

BG, you rock. And you "both are awesome."


How about "Tyranny of the Minority?"

darkblack said...

My humble opinion - when one can no longer sense the joy in a certain realm, they should just cut it off.


lostnacfgop said...

At 12:20-something "They take 'Discover'" made me fall out of my chair . . .

lostnacfgop said...

One other thang (listening and doing bills on a rainy SoCal Morning), is there a new web address for Crooks & Liars, and what is it?

StonyPillow said...

For the Rage of Driftglass:
Deo gratias.

(BTW, the utter horror of the last 'shop would only be enhanced with a small memoriam to honor the heroic appendix that fruitlessly gave its life in its nearly successful attempt to free us.)

njb said...

I feel the exact same spluttering rage you express.

The only solution is to have a media who actually exposes these things with a critical eye - instead of engaging in the bullshit equivalency, and he said/she said crap they obsessively focus on.

Democrats are all doormats, true, but they don't do "exactly the same thing" as Republicans as the David Gregorys of the world would have us believe. If they were as obstructionist as Republicans, we wouldn't have gone to war with Iraq.

The Republicans are criminally insane sociopaths, and the Democrats are candy-asses and triangulators. We're going to be Paraguay with nukes before they're all finished.

Excellent smack-down of David Brooks too. I've always detested that cretinous schmuck.

jim said...

Take comfort: folly always leaves its black mark on its authors, one that no amount of rhetoric or money can ever expunge ... & it leaves them reaping the whirlwind.

Their justice may not come quickly, but when it does there will be no avenue of appeal.