Friday, February 05, 2010

Driftglass and Blue Gal Podcast #5

You go in the door marked "Dick Dale", leave via Internet Kitteh, and in between, Scott Lee Cohen thumb-wrestles Babylon Five, while Roger Ailes pisses a pillar of fire...

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StonyPillow said...

When Bill Press goes back to the abyss prepared for him and the rest of the DLC, you and BG can move right in at WCPT. Just send them this podcast as a demo tape.

And ditto BG's comment on the previous thread.

Manitoban said...

What you call the walmart model, I've been calling the Third World model. Many 3W countries are rich in resources, but all the wealth goes to the top. So you can also get it into the "you become what you overcome" deal.

darkblack said...

I don't think the overlords respect populist anger, historically - In America and elsewhere, it's usually been subliminally finessed into coercive endeavors that puts a dollar in their pockets, whether through their agents defusing it on their behalf with convenient sideshows, or being sold out from within by the greedier or more blackmail-ready variant of the rabble rousers...With the underlying subjective fear among said rabble that confrontation puts whatever table scraps accrued in their lives at risk, with no turning back once they step across the threshold.

The issue is convincing the mass who have been trained from birth to suspend inconvenient realities that those scraps will be taken from them eventually anyway - Failure of resistance or submission, it makes no difference.

Hasten Ailes' pillar of fire with BG and DG!


driftglass said...

I will take that deal.

Burn, WATB, Burn :-)

jim said...

Almost immediately after this podcast, Shelby made the "Hostage Situation" manifest ... not for God & Country but for primo Alabama pork.

PROTIP: Aim for the base of the neck & they'll never get the chance to pull the trigger.