Friday, January 29, 2010

Driftglass and Blue Gal Podcast #3

Everything but the kitchen sink.
(Now with kitchen sink.)


karen marie said...

I liked the original way you guys were doing these. This mpeg thingy has buffering and squeak problems that I didn't experience in the previous podcasts.

Other than that, great podcast!

karen marie said...

You guys can't stay ahead of the wingnuts.

Comment @ Hotair, posted by SadlyNo!

"Hell … Martin Luther King was a ’suspected felon’. Bill Ayers, close friend and confidant of ‘The One’ … was, by his own admission – a ‘felon’. Obama nominated a TSA director that violated privacy rights of others. Obama nominated a Treasury Secretary who’s guilty of lying on this tax returns. Nancy Pelosi relies on Charlie Rangel (a suspected TAX CHEAT) to write tax law. Chris Dodd gets sweetheard mortgage deals and undervalues Irish property …

And James O’Keefe is suspected of ‘playing with a phone handset’ and entering a federal building under ‘false pretenses’.

Hell yeah – I’ll cheer O’Keefe on! He’s a SAINT compared to the players on YOUR TEAM."

bagdaddy said...

Your podversation with Blugal was pleasantly uplifting to this progressive spirit.

Yous 2 make a swell team.

Myrtle June said...

Oh crap.... you guys are going to come and find us and drag us back into it?!?!?!? oh oh.

Good job again! I was heartened by President Obama'a factual smack down he gave the republicans today. I keep trrrrrrrying to check out of this shit dammit but then.....I turned on the teevee.... its always just one more thing! It wasn't the way I would have done it BUT then I'm not the President.... aren't ya glad :D Still, there was something I'd been waiting for and that was for him to smack them around with the FACTS, with the intelligence to stand up there SAY the fucking words "YOU GOT NOTHING" to their faces. Okay so he didn't say that but again he's the President and it came through loud and clear to meeeeee. I knew what he meant.

So Thank you DG and BG for rustling your pom poms and reminding us mindfullness is the only way forward. The last couple of days has taken a leeetle of the sting away from the last few months. AND now we just need this keeping them off balance bit to continue and for congress to get on board. It is good. A glimmer of hope I think.

Go team! ;-)

Blader said...

Good pick me up. I had zoned out, too. Didn't-couldn't- watch SOTU.

Clearly Barry O is a superb technocrat and if that is the best we can do for now, it beats the alternative.

He may not take us all the way to the promised land, but he may just save it, which has to count for something.

res ipsa loquitur said...

Sixth anniversary in March? Remember the identity of your first commenter? My, how time has flown.

Comment @ Hotair, posted by SadlyNo!

The future belongs to those who can spell...

mahakal said...

The idea that some wealthy liberal(s) will save us is not correct, and will not happen. Money is not the answer, money is the problem.

We need money to pay the bills, of course. But why? Because unless we use money we don't get a place to sleep, food to eat, etc. But it isn't money we want or need. It's the place to sleep, food to eat, etc.

The Supreme Court says money is equal to speech. That is errant nonsense. Money can buy speech, but money can buy a car too, and money is not equal to a car. Money can buy a date with a prostitute, or drugs, as well, so if money is equal to everything you can buy with money, we're all going to jail.

Money is the solution to a nonexistent problem, how to create and maintain control over a population by imposition of artificial scarcity.

Fran / Blue Gal said...

mahakal, a car may not be money, but Norman Mailer said a car is a girl. I think that means the Supremes have to give us girls two votes, then. :)

roshan said...

Even though I liked this podcast (generally Lefties do a much better job at a broad discussion), I suffered from a lack of focus. The letter writers should be appreciated no doubt but please name names of the dirtbags who have caused the problems the country faces today. In short the conservatives and their ideology has brought this country to the ruins and this has to be stated whenever a person is feeling frustrated about the daily struggle of life caused by this massive recession. Make sure to add that government is not the problem when its in hands of the right people i.e the Left.

darkblack said...

'Make sure to add that government is not the problem when its in hands of the right people i.e the Left.'

A mild presumption, but quite forgivable given the circumstances of the last decade.
The logical mind presumes a full arc in the pendulum swing, but that aside I don't think the American political spectrum has a 'Left' that can be bolted into power structures via elective means, in the socialist sense of the word.
Decades of pro-capitalist/corporatist indoctrination, disseminated in a broadside fashion from grade school lessons to prime time entertainment has seen to that.

Good podcast, people. The give-and-take of the discourse is taking shape.


Tengrain said...

Well done, Drifty.

It's like eaves-dropping on intelligent conversation at a bar by two incredibly smart and attractive people: you want to join in, but you know you cannot, so you go very qwi-it (in your Elmer Fuddian way) to try to hear it all, and suddingly 40 minutes has gone by, your Gibson is warm, and the waiter wants to know when the hell you plan to order.

I mean this as a compliment, btw.



Rev.Paperboy said...

more podcast! more podcast!

get this badass mofo on iTunes so we can just subscribe to the damn thing and make sure not to miss any!

Rev.Paperboy said...

heh, was already on itunes and...uh...goddamnit, research first, post second - when will I ever learn?

oh, and thanks.