Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Coming Rape-Based Economy

Because 30 years of relentless Conservative sabotage has turned our national reality into a 10-story-tall tumor in seven league boot running amok through a mall with a nuclear machete.

Something so simultaneously mindless, ridiculous and terrifying that the media can no longer bear to speak of it honestly or even point a camera in its direction.

Something so lethally buffoonish, only comedians can look it in the eye.


Anonymous said...

Hard to believe something that started out as one person's post 9/11 cynicism has turned into such an institution.

When we get this rape based economy, watch the mail for your stimulus package :D

Anonymous said...

I don't follow that toon Drifty, but I know it and have seen the panels here and there.

If one was to pick one clip out of all their shit, that one, would be the one I'd pick to show how fucked up our shit is.

Cuz that shit's fucked up.

Our shit's all fucked up.

And we owe it to ourselves as a species to do better. Much, much better.

Good post, hoss . . as always.


Anonymous said...

Credit due, Tanbark is the one who turned me onto Getting Your War On long ago . . .

Tan, yer a hoss . . . *G*

Anonymous said...

No one in Wasilla was ever charged for a rape kit. This is a lie and propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Interesting point, Anon

But, as a good Christian, we'll judge by the intent in her heart.
...and see if we can't find some evidence supporting or refuting your unnamed assertion.