Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Lone Gunman Presidency.

“What do you mean ‘we’?”

Here, Ezra Klein mentions that he likes Fareed Zakaria's latest foreign policy think-piece enough to recommend it without reservation.

Well I've got one.

Ezra is a fine writer and noble blogdweller on a less fuck-you-heavy and more ivy-hushed thoroughfare than my own, but on this I must take issue.

Here he misses the forest for a lot of the pretty trees.

See if you can spot the forest.

Here are some snips from the Newsweek article, interspersed with a little of this and a little of that, and some emphasis added to guide the eye...

Zakaria: How to Restore America's Place in the World
What the world needs is an open, confident America.
By Fareed Zakaria

June 11, 2007 issue - In the fall of 1982, I arrived in the United States as an 18-year-old student from India. The country was in rough shape. That December unemployment hit 10.8 percent, higher than at any point since World War II. Interest rates hovered around 15 percent. Abroad, the United States was still reeling from Vietnam and Watergate. The Soviet Union was on a roll, expanding its influence from Afghanistan to Angola to Central America. That June, Israel invaded Lebanon, making a tense situation in the Middle East even more volatile.

Yet America was a strikingly open and expansive country. Reagan embodied it. Despite record-low approval ratings, he exuded optimism from the center of the storm. In the face of Moscow's rising power he confidently spoke of a mortal crisis in the Soviet system and predicted that it would end up on "the ash heap of history." Across the political aisle stood Thomas (Tip) O'Neill, the hearty Irish-American Speaker of the House, who personified the enormous generosity and tolerance of old-school liberalism. To a young foreign student the country seemed welcoming and full of promise.

Today, by almost all objective measures, the United States sits on top of the world. But the atmosphere in Washington could not be more different from 1982. We have become a nation consumed by fear, worried about terrorists and rogue nations, Muslims and Mexicans, foreign companies and free trade, immigrants and international organizations. The strongest nation in the history of the world, we see ourselves besieged and overwhelmed. While the Bush administration has contributed mightily to this state of affairs, at this point it has reversed itself on many of its most egregious policies—from global warming to North Korea to Iraq.

In any event, it is time to stop bashing George W. Bush. We must begin to think about life after Bush—a cheering prospect for his foes, a dismaying one for his fans (however few there may be at the moment). In 19 months he will be a private citizen, giving speeches to insurance executives.

America, however, will have to move on and restore its place in the world.

To do this we must first tackle...


Having spooked ourselves into believing that we have no option…

...we have managed in six years to destroy decades of international good will, alienate allies, embolden enemies and yet solve few of the major international problems we face.

In a global survey released last week, most countries polled believed that China would act more responsibly in the world than the United States. How does a Leninist dictatorship come across more sympathetically than the oldest constitutional democracy in the world?

More troubling than any of Bush's rhetoric is that of the Republicans who wish to succeed him.

See the pattern?

Fareed moves back and forth between excoriating Republicans for being arrant fucknozzles…and exhorting "Americans" to rise above the last years (decades, I would argue) of reckless ideology and rhetoric.

As if the Republican Party had just been out walking the doggy when it was suddenly tasered, bagged and thrown unconscious into the back of James Dobson’s Christopath Clown Car and has been forced to do unspeakable things against it's will in the basement of Fox News for the last thiry years.

And somehow in Fareed's American Daguerreotype the millions and millions of good, decent, hardworking Liberals who have vehemently opposed the Regime of the Pig People for years somehow don’t exist at all. We are just crudely drawn cartoon crowd-scene fillers. Irrelevant little oval faces that blur by in the background while the Important Battle for the Future of America is fought in the foreground without us.

Uh-uh, Fareed. I call 32 flavors of bullshit.

A third of this beautiful country is already well ahead of the curve. Get's everything you said. Got it years ago. Has been waiting all-too patiently for the rest of the country to sober up from it's Neocon bender and get to work fixing the mess they -- not we -- have made.

And we're still waiting, because another third are moral CHUDS who are quite beyond redemption.

And the last third needs to have the shit metaphorically slapped out of them until the Wake The Fuck Up and quit siding with the CHUDS.

In a lot of ways it really is that simple.

Fareed continues.

The notion that the United States today is in grave danger of sitting back and going on the defensive is bizarre. In the last five and a half years, with bipartisan support, Washington has invaded two countries and sent troops around the world from Somalia to the Philippines to fight Islamic militants. It has ramped up defense spending by $187 billion—more than the combined military budgets of China, Russia, India and Britain. It has created a Department of Homeland Security that now spends more than $40 billion a year. It has set up secret prisons in Europe and a legal black hole in Guantánamo, to hold, interrogate and—by some definitions—torture prisoners. How would Giuliani really go on the offensive? Invade a couple of more countries?

The presidential campaign could have provided the opportunity for a national discussion of the new world we live in. So far, on the Republican side, it has turned into an exercise in chest-thumping…

The competition to be the tough guy is producing new policy ideas, all right—ones that range from bad to insane. …

Fareed asks the following question:

Though Democrats sound more sensible on many of these issues, the party remains consumed by the fear that it will not come across as tough. Its presidential candidates vie with one another to prove that they are going to be just as macho and militant as the fiercest Republican.

But then answers it himself:

Unfortunately, our fears extend well beyond terrorism. CNN's Lou Dobbs has become the spokesman of a paranoid and angry segment of the country, railing against the sinister forces that are overwhelming us. For the right, illegal immigrants have become an obsession. The party of free enterprise has dedicated itself to a huge buildup of the state's police powers to stop people from working.

To recover its place in the world, America first needs to recover its confidence.

No, Fareed. America first needs to cover the Conservative movement with three feet of lime and bury it in a deep, deep hole. Because first you have to excise the cancer; then you can heal the body.

And when it comes to addressing this very issue -- “...the party remains consumed by the fear that it will not come across as tough...” -- I must ask, “Come across to whom?

To me?

To millions of Liberals like me who are not taken in by the fascist speedmetal roar of fearfearfear from the Right?


The people Fareed is implicitly refering to are the Jello People of the mushy middle, who skitter and scamper hither and thither and who need to be shown, once and for all, that in the Age of Dubya, a vote for the GOP is a vote against America. And the reason this preliminary battle must be fought and won before any permanent progress can be made elsewhere is because, like it or not, the Wingnut Hate Machine is huge, well-funded and terribly effective.

There has been a lot of very legitimate criticism of the Dems for not sealing Dubya under an avalanche of Iraq Funding Bills with hard deadlines and then letting him veto himself deeper into ignominy. A lot of talk about how the Dems are haunted by ghost of the Cold Stove of Vietnam ™

“The cat, having sat upon a hot stove lid, will not sit upon a hot stove lid again. But he won't sit upon a cold stove lid, either.” -- Mark Twain

But ghosts are conjurations of the fearful (or hopeful) imagination, whereas the GOPs Pretty Hate Machine is no mere fantasy or bit of Johnson-era muscle-memory body thetan that clings to Democrats and affects their behavior long after the real danger has passed.

The GOP's Pretty Hate Machine is as real and tangible and corrosive as ever, and if you need a recent example that bears directly on the timorous behavior of some Democrats in the pre-Memorial Day vote, I would direct your attention not to 1964 or 1974, but 1994.

To the Assault Weapons Ban: a much less controversial issue than the Iraq War, and one which is at least as instructive when trying to understand the roots of Democrat's collective memory of what happens when they to the right thing, as examining NAFTA is useful in understanding them when they shamefully triangulate.

remember that in 1994, Clinton got a lot of Dems to go out on a political limb, “do the right thing” and vote for the ban.

Dems then got mashed like mint leaves in a mojito in the Fall elections, with 19 of the 24 candidates who were specifically targeted by the NRA going down.

After the election, Clinton wrote that those who warned him that it would cost his Party the House "were right, and I was wrong,''

This, let me remind you, ushered in the era of Gingrich/DeLay/Impeachment/Bush/9-11/Iraq.

Postscript: In the end the 2004 GOP Congress let the ban lapse with virtually no debate.

Lesson: While splendid bravery is what we should absolutely demand from our public servants especially during these tragic times, we also are caught in a universe that is circumscribed every bit as much by the politically possible, as it is by the morally correct. And when politicians see that when they do the difficult-but-right thing nobody will be there to cover their asses, that sends a powerful message to those that survive.

Fareed continues:

In order to begin reorienting America's strategy abroad, any new U.S. administration must begin with Iraq. Until the United States is able to move beyond Iraq, it will not have the time, energy, political capital or resources to attempt anything else of any great significance. The first thing to admit is that our mission in Iraq has substantially failed. Whether it was doomed from the outset or turned into a fiasco because of the administration's arrogance and incompetence is a matter that historians can determine.

There is a great deal more that is all well written, but the implicit assumption is just wrong.

Again, I am compelled to turn the prose back on itself and ask Fareed, when you say “The first thing to admit is that our mission in Iraq has substantially failed”, who the fuck are you talking about?

Admit to whom?

The notion of the conquest of Iraq and the rapid, serial decapitation of other unfriendly Middle Eastern regimes was a morally bankrupt idea since the day the Neocons starting laying their eggs in the skull of the weak-minded George Bush. The true motives for the war were perverse. It was built on a foundation of lies, and rammed down our throats by criminals using propaganda techniques ripped right from the pages of “Joseph Goebbels for Dummies”.

I know it. You know it. Presumably Fareed knows it. Millions upon millions of intelligent, thoughtful Liberals know it.

So who exactly is supposed to do this “admitting” that doesn’t already know the truth?

And to whom are they supposed to do it?

The administration has—surprise—tried to play up fears of the consequences of a drawdown in Iraq (which is always described as a Vietnam-style withdrawal down to zero). It predicts that this will lead to chaos, violence and a victory for terrorists. When we listen to these forecasts, it is worth remembering that every administration prediction about Iraq has been wrong.

Again, lovely trees, but the true name of the Forest remains conspicuously unspoken as Fareed attempts to frame the epic tale of the rise, hubristic apotheosis and catastrophic failure of the Modern Conservative Movement on every front and the degenerate freaks who still stand loyal to the criminal junta that runs it…down into a short story about a couple of bad seeds.

The story of Crazy ‘Ol Gee Dubya; sleazy skulker who wrecked the world all by his lonesome firing from the windows of the Textbook-Conservative Depository.

A loner. Disgruntled, with a fetish for guns and violent video games.

A phony-brave dimwit who mumbled a lot about smokin’ ‘em out and bringing ‘em on. Who somehow got his hands on the United States Government and caused a lotta ruckus.

You know the type.

A Lone Gunman whose Magic Bullet managed to take out the courts, maim the electoral process, turn around in midair and kill habeas corpus, wipe out New Orleans, level Iraq, trash our international reputation, set superstition in the Throne of Science, defile genuine Christianity, etc, etc, etc, etc ad nauseum.

Conservatives now flail around like Daffy Duck having a grand mal seizure trying to explain that Dubya was some kind of goofy accident. That they…uh…they….just sneezed too hard and…uh…sorta pooped their pants a little, and there he was.

Just a case of temporary Constitutional Incontinence! So can’t we just forget the whole thing and go back to the Conservative Happy Days of Potsy, Richie, Ralph and President Ronald Wilson Fonzarelli?

Call do-over and go back to hating Negroes and queers, slaughtering the Middle Class blaming Liberals for every-fucking-thing?

No, Fareed. Because without a seething mass of millions of pinheaded, Rush-Drunk, Fox-Blind, Falwell-Gelded imbeciles to play to, Dubya would either be selling mobile homes in Midland or our Ambassador to Paraguay; either way drinking himself blind in the heat, shooting at the neighbors dogs for spite and screaming at his houseboy that his fucking pancakes aren't round enough.

No, Fareed, it is time to think about life after Conservativism and how to get us there. Because as long as the GOP remains a plural electoral marriage of homophobes, Segregationists, militia nuts, Hate Radio and Fox News elites, and Christopaths dowried by brownshirt billionaires and anti-American Corporatists, then the Dubya Legacy will live on and on, always just below the surface, always ready to sprint another 30 yards towards fascism when they sleaze or cheat out a win, and always eager to deploy every filthy trick in the world at a million decibels to sabotage the will of the people when they lose.

Because not until Conservativism as it is currently constituted is sandblasted from the walls of our Democracy like so much smutty, racist grafitti – not until voting Republican, agreeing with GOP talking points or even having any visible vestige of a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker on one’s vehicle is treated as something on the public shame spectrum between masturbating on the subway and passing out drunk into the host during communion -- do we stand a chance of becoming the open, confident, compassionate nation of your dreams and mine.


Carol (Aquariusmoon) Duhart said...

Excellent, drifty. Keep writing.

Anonymous said...

here're the Rep candidates at last night's debate doing just what you described:
(pythonite purists might not like the music)

Anonymous said...

oops, here's the clicky linky:

Anonymous said...

hmmm... tried to get the link to be clickable with [a href=][/a] (angle brackets for square brackets) but no dice.

There was a time when I knew all about computers -- but no more, anyone willing to help out an old newbie?

triozyg said...

Sorry for taking up all the space, I think I finally figured it out. Looks like maybe you have to be logged into blogger for it to allow links to be linky.

Anonymous said...

Guys! Who, now that we're finally starting to get them down on the ground, wants to stop kicking them? :o)

Watching them snivel and whimper (alternating with vestigial snarls) IS fun, but I just get paranoid that bush and the GOP will offer the dems SOME kind of deal by which the democrats will let bushCo dump the flaming bag of shit in their laps, as junior and his minions slink out of town, 20 months from now.

But, I also have my doubts that he can last that long. :o)

I insist there is at least a 50-50 chance that the GOP will drag him up the steps of the Capitol, like it was Chichen Itza a millenia or two ago, and politically speaking, rip his ignorant basalt heart out and throw it to the voters. :o)


"Yeah, we'll help you...maybe. After all these years of buttfucking the Statue of Liberty, wouldn't Scalia and Thomas like to spend more time with their families?"

Anonymous said...

Well done, Driftglass.

Seems that Dr. Zakaria is really concerned about what will happen to the GOP "beyond Bush" -- and with his skin colour and last name, who can blame him? A shame that he spent these past 7 years ignoring the warning voice of real liberals, but then, you don't get a Newsweek column by acknowledging reality-based killjoys.

And a shame that his prescription for saving his sorry, neoCon-enabling arse boils down to: "the GOP should be kinder and gentler like the Dems, or the Dems should become more aggressive like the GOP." Neither "solution" will happen, as is often the case in the territory of "too little, too late." Fareed helped foster this situation: oil- and PNAC-obsessed neoCon cronies, hapless triangulating Dems, and an enabling MSM. If the Know-Nothings take over the GOP, it would only be just desserts if they handed him a one-way ticket back to the country he left 25 years ago.

Anonymous said...


Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Thank you, Drifty. Too many people are moaning and groaning about the cowardice of the Democrats without exploring the sound historical and still-present reasons for that cowardice.

Dear Stupid White Folks: If you reward evil and punish righteous courage, you will get more evil. You KKKhristians have been doing that ever since you started voting Elephascist to punish the Democrats for ending Jim Crow. You make me wish I could dye my skin another color so I did not have to admit belonging to the same ethnic/cultural group as you morally and intellectually degenerate wastes of food, water, and oxygen. Selah.

Anonymous said...

Man, there's been some *good* rant out on the intertubes lately. Tbogg put his foot up Bill Kristol's ass far enough to choke him to death yesterday, and now this.

Several people at tbogg's attributed it to the spirit of Gilly. Who knows? It's a comforting thought, anyway.

Whatever. Tear 'em up, drifty!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks once again,an astute & bitingly comical look at the cause and effect of five jokers dropping a flaming bag'o'shit on America's front porch.
Come on in Fareed,just watch where you drop your suitcase.And as part of our guest worker thingy
scrub down the toilet

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

D'accord, Drifty (if I may be so informal). It sucks that every time these conservative movement creeps trick the jello people into electing their clowns the Dems have to come behind them to administer the bitter pill to the country and clean up all the puke, panties, beer cans and pizza boxes (not to mention figure out how to pay the national credit cards).

Mister Roboto said...

Hear, hear!


Blogger has been an even bigger pain since Google took it over. So much for "Don't be evil", I guess. :-P

Mister Roboto said...

Blogger referring to .com, not you, Drifty. :-D

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I wish I could comment more than Well done, Sir, Well Done indeed!

Standard Reply to Republicans for next eight years: Payback is SUCH a bitch, ain'a?

Anonymous said...

WOW! Driftglass, Tanbark, Gracchus, AND ivory bill woodpecker all at once! my cup runneth over :)

let's all have a drink in memory of Steve

skunqesh said...

Holy schweet slice and dice.
Careful with that Axe Drifty! At least offer the poor sot some Bactine, and a bucket to put his entrails into. (grins)

Triozyg - thnx 4 bringing teh funneh! and yes, blogger is acting FUBAR since it dun got googled.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Zakaria has been fitted for a new asshole to match the one tbogg gave to Billy Kristol. The old assholes were so last year, it had to be done.

I'm so very sick and tired of these same droning, whining screeds from people who enabled this shit until they didn't anymore and then turn around and say "we" gotta change course.

sigh, sigh and sigh.

Batocchio said...

Good analysis, as usual. One of the biggest problems with the MSM is their reluctance to admit that the game has changed. Rove-Bush-Cheney have made things more partisan and divisive. They've screwed things up. They're not going to stop, ever, voluntarily. How the hell can you move to solve problems in Iraq when the folks calling the shots are still wrong and won't admit it? How can you move beyond Bush when he's still in power and there are so many Bushies still out there?

It's not up to the American people to rise above these people. It's for the media to honestly and accurately write about movement conservatives, and then for the American people to stop this dangerous group.

Anonymous said...

scout --- zakaria, friedman, kristol --- they all need to spout the same crapola b/c they need to keep their jobs.

reminds me of the b school prof I used to work for who basically built his entire career off of 2 papers written in the 70s --- one of them authored by a former student.

BitterHarvest said...

Well put, D. I always dislike it when someone from Newsweek/U.S. News and World Report etc lumps all Americans together when the agenda of the country has been dominated thoroughly by one group and says "we" screwed up. It is never time to stop bashing Bush, but it is also time to start whipping the ignorant masses that supported and drove his every foreign policy disaster against the protests of many in this country.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think that Lupin is right. Only a truly significant "crash" will bring real change....... when the US can no longer afford (literally, as in dollars) the paranoid mumbo-jumbo pumped out daily by the military-industrial-media complex.

Anonymous said...

The story of Crazy ‘Ol Gee Dubya; sleazy skulker who wrecked the world all by his lonesome firing from the windows of the Textbook-Conservative Depository.
Damn, Drift! This is a masterpiece...absolutely brilliant writing.

Anonymous said...

As if the Republican Party had just been out walking the doggy when it was suddenly tasered, bagged and thrown unconscious into the back of James Dobson’s Christopath Clown Car and has been forced to do unspeakable things

I love it. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Man, fuck this guy. Thanks for taking him down so... completely.


Dan Leo said...

Thanks, Drift. I am so sick of these mushy-turd-mouthed faux-reasonable pundits. (And it's so true, it seems you don't get a pundit job these days unless you've got a permanent mushy turd in your mouth.) I can only occasionally bear to read or watch these guys, but I'm glad that you and some of our other brave friends (LowerManhattan, take a bow, and I look forward to you finding a new cyber-forum) are out there not afraid to get your uniforms dirty knocking these nitwits down.

Anonymous said...

Bollox! You there? :o)

Got some questions...I hear that the Brits have already pulled over a thousand troops out of the Basra area.

If this is true, it must be that Tony Blair's last tongue-lick of bush's ass was that NO footage of them leaving or arriving back in England got into the media.

Do you know anything about this?

Anonymous said...

"Bollox! You there? :o)"


Sorry mate. Been celebrating our triumphant destruction of that football superpower, otherwise known as Estonia (i.e., England 3 Estonia 0). A truly glorious performance, and of course my all-time favourite, Crouchie, headed one down past the keeper. Stick-insect supreme!

So, in other words, what with the news of Steve G. and this earthshattering sporting experience, I'm not up on the military machinations of the Blair-Gordon combo. If they did leave (the troops), it was probably in little boats supplied by Iran........... Dunkirk style.

Anonymous said...

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Tomorrow at Noon eastern, we will have a special edition of "Heading Left" - "A Show For Steve." Please call in 646-652-4803 and share your memories of Steve or thoughts about how the media has covered his passing. We hope you will join us.

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Anonymous said...



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of money

to be MADE

in the media


the basket

on a REGULAR basis..


pundits are


washington GENERALS..

..Theyre PAID



(when you WATCH


you have to REMEMBER

it only LOOKS like a GAME)

tech98 said...

The first thing to admit is that our mission in Iraq has substantially failed.

The necons are pulling the same sleazy slight-of-hand as the so-called 'free market' Enron Repigs -- privatized profits and socialized losses.
It was 'their' victory when Mr. Village People Dress-Up was strutting on the aircraft carrier then it became 'our' loss when it inevitably all fucked up in a massive way.

Whether it was doomed from the outset or turned into a fiasco because of the administration's arrogance and incompetence is a matter that historians can determine.

The ultimate weaselly cop-out of the coward when cornered and unable to dodge responsibility. 'No-one can ever really know who is at fault here -- history will decide many decades from now".

Almost as revolting as the lizard-brains who perpetrated the Iraq disaster, are the lickspittle apologists ever-so-eager to conjure up propaganda absolving them of all responsibility in exchange for a pat on the head and few crumbs tossed from the table.

Figbash said...

Ol' Figbash come lately here. I had copied this same exact quote: The story of Crazy ‘Ol Gee Dubya; sleazy skulker who wrecked the world all by his lonesome firing from the windows of the Textbook-Conservative Depository. as Robert M did above.

Drifty, one of my favorite of your characterizations of our much ridiculed pretzeldunce is as the Bicycle Thief (or Chief, no matter). Now, geewhadduvahdonenow as the Lone Gunman, ala Lee Harvey Oswald, has taken over as THE number one fave in my DFH brain. It is teh el perfecto!!! 'Cuz the whole conservative mess goes back at least that far.

Anonymous said...

Shorter Fareed:

"Heeey... someone shit in my pants!"

Mr. Natural said...

Well FUCKIN' - A, Drifty, ya done it again! Far as I am concerned apologists like Zacharias who still worship the old commie hunters (many in the Bush "administration") like the union busting/war criminal Reagan should lie dead and rotting in the street in front of thier mother's houses just like thier pals left so many in New Orleans, Baghdad and elsewhere around this battered garden planet.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives now flail around like Daffy Duck having a grand mal seizure trying to explain that Dubya was some kind of goofy accident. That they…uh…they….just sneezed too hard and…uh…sorta pooped their pants a little, and there he was.

Just a case of temporary Constitutional Incontinence! So can’t we just forget the whole thing and go back to the Conservative Happy Days of Potsy, Richie, Ralph and President Ronald Wilson Fonzarelli?

God I love you! Awesome post - very well done. How can Ezra be so blind?

Anonymous said...

Bollox; that was the funnest non-information post I've seen in a while. Thanks. :o)

And I have NEVER seen a nation better at shredding ass on their own internationals. :o)

"Stick insect..."

That's cold; that is... :o)

Anonymous said...

BTW, Bollox; OUR "player selection committee" could fuck up an anvil. :o)

I swear, I worked the middle in games out in NorCal, where I saw better U19 sides, than what the U.S. is current threatening the rest of the world with. :o)

Anonymous said...

Gayvet! For sure!

Here's mud.... :o)

I just want Drift to post his FUCKING PHYSICAL once a month. :o)

And it better be good news; Chi City aint too far away for an "intervention".

:o) :o) :o)

Anonymous said...

Bollox; that was the funnest non-information post I've seen in a while. Thanks. :o)


No problems. My aim, always, is to uninform! Nothing of value is the Bollox credo.

I saw better U19 sides, than what the U.S. is current threatening the rest of the world with. :o)

The U.S. soccer team is thinking of threatening someone? Must be due to that nice Random Donovan.

jurassicpork said...

Mighty and powerful screed. Indeed: How can our Congresscritters continually expect bravery under impossible conditions of our soldiers and Marines in Iraq and elsewhere when they can't even display an ounce of it in the sedate halls of Congress in the face of George W. Bush, the lamest of lame ducks and quite possibly the stupidest carbon-based life form in the solar system?

It just amazes me that the Democrats roll over and play dead for this fuck instead of continually putting the ball back in his court and forcing him to do the right thing, like signing the military funding bill.

Then I wonder what the GOP has on them and I'm amazed a little less.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

"Then I wonder what the GOP has on them and I'm amazed a little less."

I also wonder what the politicized intelligence agencies may have found for the Chimperor and Darth Cheney to use.

Also, remember how those anthrax letters went ONLY to Democrats, and to journalists who had somehow inconvenienced the Chimperial administration? And the perp[s] still has/have not been found?

Also, if wealthy reactionaries were paying Democratic advisors to give bad advice--to throw the game as it were--how would we know?

I find one of the most galling things about the modern GOP to be that I now feel obligated to consider seriously the sorts of speculations that I once would have dismissed cheerfully as paranoid.

This tinfoil hat CHAFES, dammit! ;)

Anonymous said...

until the masses take off their tin foil hats, the corporate right will continue their march to absolute control. May I suggest the only way to disrupt the path is to sabotage the conduit for misinformation: Television. Corrupt the signal to the point of non reception, and the masses will miss their morning dose of lies. The addict without their fix will become restless, and look for the truth elsewhere. Just a thought...

Professional Left Podcast #627

“You can complain about the incivility of politics, but you can't stop the escalation of conflict in the middle. You have to kill it a...