Wednesday, August 30, 2006


in the Dubya Alphabet

(Title borrowed from Harlan Ellison’s splendid, “From A to Z, in the Chocolate Alphabet” about which more here.)

“A” is for Abizaid for who won’t call the war Civil.
(Once he retires maybe he’ll stop talking drivel.)

“B” is for Brownie…and Bremer…and Brooks.
For all Conservative lackeys who give cover to crooks.

“C” is for Colin. Now where did he go?
His Army is dying while he lies safely low.

“D” is for Dick who shoots people’s faces.
Who believes he holds Royals, but holds eights and aces.

“E” is for “Eastasia” with whom we’ve always made war.
And anyone who says different is a traitor and whore!

“F” is for Falwell who now calls the shots.
And for whose flabby ass McCain now has the hots.

“G” is for the Global War on Every Bad Thing.
(If we call it that, maybe we'll get a King!)

“H” is for Hitchens, who so loves his despot.
Because all petty tyrants need a guardian sot.

“I” is for “Scooter”, though I know it’s a reach.
And while there’s no “I” in “Scooter”, there is in “Impeach”.

“J” is for Jeb, who must be dying of spite.
Dubya means for Jebby no House that is White.

“K” is for Katrina. For truth without pity.
That you can’t trust Red Brownies to protect a Blue city.

“L” is for Lieberman who must be defeated
(unless you want Bush fuck-ups forever repeated.)

“M” is for the Media who ushered in Hell.
When the fuck did Journalism become “Don’t Ask” and “Don’t Tell”?

“N” is for NOLA who died on Bush’s watch,
because Republican tides raise only those with the yachts.

“O” is for Oil -- why Iraq was first planned.
Everything else is just bad sleight-of-hand.

“P” is for Plame who was tossed under the bus.
As with every Bush treason, wingnuts ask, “Why the fuss?”

“Q” is for Quagmire. The name of this place.
Left here by a President who will leave in disgrace.

“R” is for Rummy: Ol’ Shithouse-Rat-Nuts.
Who Dubya sides with, no ifs, ands, or buts.

“S” is for Sully, the definition of “taint”.
Andy lay down with dogs, but wants to get up like a saint.

“T” is for the Two Thousand Six Hundred now dead.
Sent to unquiet graves by the rich and well-fed.

“U” answers the question: “Who will clean up this mess?”
It’s you and me, darlin’: Oblige sans noblesse.

“V” for Vendetta, which comes in November.
When we give them an Election they will always remember.

“W” is for Dubya and for the War he created.
Who left us broker, and weaker, and globally hated.

“X” is for Camp X-Ray where we Torture and Lie.
Where the Constitution was rendered to lie down and die.

“Y” is for “Why”, as in, “Why are we here?”
Because too many of us heed those who play on our fear.

And “Z” is Zero. For nothing. For naught.
It’s what we have gained for the War we have fought.

No Sarin, no Anthrax, not one AQ member:
No ties whatsoever to 11, September.

No nukes and no gas. Our good name long gone.
While our obtuse little Zeus screams, “Next stop, Iran!”

Update: Welcome Crooks & Liars hordes.
Mind your feet and wipe the cat.
Beer's out back.


cieran said...

Wow! What can I say except:


Anonymous said...

Good Lord, Sir, that is astonishing!

Anonymous said...

....nice...kinda reminds me of the vicious cabaret....vrry nice...

Anonymous said...

A veritable Republican Bestiary. Because they are, indeed, bestial.

driftglass said...

Be Back Eventually? Good.
Best Boyfriend Ever? Not as of late, but I think I know my way around...

us blues,
Thank you, sir. Much appreciated.

eddie blake,


Anonymous said...

I am in awe.

The Minstrel Boy said...

brav-fucking-oh drifty. excellent. . .(imagine the ellipses contains other superlatives)

cieran said...


About your questions:

Be Back Eventually? Good.
Best Boyfriend Ever? Not as of late, but I think I know my way around...

No, it's BBE = Best Blog Ever!

You can interpret that acronym as applying to either your particular post, or to the entire Driftglass weblog enterprise. Works just as well for either...

Anonymous said...

You are just great.

driftglass said...

mickey finn,
Thank you very much,

This one was fun/frustrating to do. About 70% of it just flowed down from doggeral heaven; it was that last 30% that I had to fiddle and fuss with.

Way too kind you are.

The Minstrel Boy,
Thank you.

xoites said...

A is for Appreciate for this posting we must!

It hastens the day this Administration is Dust!

Anonymous said...

SWEET! You ROCK with the ABCs of Truthiness.

Anonymous said...

Civil War announced Sept 1, 2006 now Bushco can pull their troops and send them into Iran

KEvron said...

....and he pondered in pixels,
as he slumped off to bed,
"what the fuck does go on
inside ol' drifty's head?!"

that ain't half bad....


fedupwithhypocrisy said...

...when to ask or to tell meant "no sell"...journalists today--media whores $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

My "I Promise Not To Give Your Money To Rupert Murdoch" Fundraiser.

I am given to understand that the Lincoln Lads are trying to raise one million dollars to create content that would "mess wit...