Friday, April 19, 2019

Professional Left Podcast #490

“The dogmas of the quiet past, are inadequate to the stormy present."
-- Abraham Lincoln

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zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Excellent reference to Red Letter Media, home grown snark!

Also, if you haven't seen this, check out the "Surviving Edged Weapons" review. Had me rolling.

dinthebeast said...

OK, this week, after hearing Elizabeth Warren, who as of right now I plan on voting for in the primary, I relented and decided we should try to impeach the bastard, because there has to be a point where we stand up and say no, consequences be damned.

I really hope that the failed attempt at removing the bastard doesn't backfire and get him reelected, and accept that there is a nonzero chance of that happening.

But this is a war, and we have to fight, and the failure to convict the bastard in the senate and thus remove him can be weaponized by us to pry loose some of those Republican poltroons in the senate who are the reason impeachment, the obvious right course of action, can't happen as things currently stand.

Will we be assured of victory if we try to beat them with it?
No, we are never assured of victory, and they lie and cheat like the motherfuckers they are.

But we have to at least try if we want to claim the mantle of superiority here, and we have to use the constitutional tools we were given to deal with situations like this if we want any of the constitutional tools we have to work for us going forward.

It's a dicey proposition, and more than a little bit terrifying, but entirely in character with the way the rest of my life is going right now, so I've lost my patience with inaction.

Thank you again for the podcast, and five million is nothing to sneeze at.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

First, Yeah! What Doug In Oakland said.
As O'Donnell pointed out, "the GOP extremely went with the Impeachment of president Clinton. (Over 2 adults consensual sex) Bill having sex out of wedlock. Starr;s Elmer Fudd hunting of Wabbit ending with a man not willing to admit in public having and affair out of wedlock. Which is not a crime to investigate to place him under oath to question.
* GOP failed to remove and concluded with a censure. While Newtie did not get censured nor Livingston who was going to replace Newtie, but he too having out of wedlock sex.
"The GOP went on to hold majority in House. Took control of Senate and GW won the presidency"

The GOP sold the notion of the letter of the law for perjury. While promoting religious moral law to their base. Yes, while they did the same shit.

Speaking Strongly (like Putin to Trump) The House Dems should methodically and passionately file impeachment. Send the charges to the Senate to publicly have McConnell, marauders display their corruption and absorb the GOP Senate's time to divert it away from their reelection campaigns. Changing the GOP's narrative.
Trump never testified face to face and had to answer out of his own mouth.

Nixon was threatened with Impeachment removal, then pardoned.

GOP continues and steps up their infringing on voters from Gerrymandering to purging.

The SCOTUS over ruled the State Supreme court of Florida over counting the votes. Federal government SCOTUS over ruling Florida state rights (GOP's promise-land), Anything goes.
GW Bush's lying America into war.

VP Cheney cannot be indicted for outing CIA undercover agent, but his Scooter could be and was convicted. Only to be pardoned.

Now Trump, Who vetted Manafort and was responsible for that decision to hire him and what he committed.

Standing alone, President's order for his subordinates to knowingly defy the courts ruling or hard printed law (not policy print). If they go to jail for their crimes. he will provide a Pardon.

This is not faithfully executing the law.
America has not held a GOP president and many GOP congress criminals as Senate Intel committee chairman GOP Senator Richard Burr while investigating criminality of the president of his own party. He provides briefing of information findings found on the president to the president. While, the other committee members as Dem. Warner would be charged with leaking classified intelligence.

The lack of accountability over the years for this has only gotten worse, a-la MAGA dude.

If the House Dems do not
* Hold the president to the law.
* If the Dems do not force the Senate GOP mahority to face the lawlessness.

It is going to make it difficult for any Dem Candidate to make the argument for any notion of limits and law abiding. That the GOP congress with a Democratic President will ruthlessly without reason other than frothed partisan hate. Hunt and kill and obstruct any Democratic president evermore.

In other words, Democratic minded politicians may win elections but will be banned or (Bill Barr-ed) from actually governing.

Consider a Democratic majority House and an elected democratic president.

With a GOP majority senate. No laws ever passed, no judges ever confirmed.

We are already in the midst of GOP " Apartheid". With a large helping of Unitary presidency and a side dish of dictatorship. Promising a dose of Theocracy.

When they wanted less bank robberies, they made it punishable by law.

What is it they say the Death Penalty offers?

That is right, I offers a DETERRENCE.

Robt said...

Easter vs Passover

Jesus and the Easter Bunny debate coming. Tickets now available.

Who owns the holiday.