Friday, April 19, 2019

Republican #Passover

In what has become an annual tradition, we now join Republican Passover, already in progress...

Republican Child:  Oh father, why do we eat shitty Swanson frozen dinners and watch Fox News?

Republican Father:  We eat the shitty food and watch the Bitter Tucker to remind us of our years of bondage under the cruel lash of the Kenyan Usurper and the Liberal Media.

Republican Child:  And father, why do we dab the lintels of our door with blood of Saint Ronald Reagan?

Republican Father:  So that the Lord will know we have kept the faith and the Angel of Accountability may pass us by.

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Robt said...

We Know Saint Pence and the Prophet Sarah have announced God Chose Trump to play Jesus in the Second Amendment coming.

The pilgrimage to the Holiest of lands, Mar A Lago.
The annual pilgrimage every religious right winger must Trek when they become of age to conceal carry.

Reaching the Promised land is one ordeal. Getting past Herr Gunther at Saint Peter's front gate is more than any Tribal Tribulation A White supremacist confronted.

Yet, If you know the woman with those massage Parlors. You can pass through the gates.

Once in, Blessed are those twho partake in the sacred game of golf.

Can't get any more spiritually morally religious than that.

Jason said...

Republican Child: Father, why do we eat the karpas, the salt water and parsley?

Republican Dad: It's to remind us to enjoy the liberal tears shed as we continue f*cking sh*t up without being held accountable for any g*ddamned criminal corrupt thing we do.

bill said...

As long as they get away with casting blame and projecting their own hideousness upon _______________(insert some demonized collection here) knowing the media will not correct the record, we'll never sustain the needed course correction.

POG rule #1: Even when you know you're wrong; blame a DFH!

Sandy Duncan's Eye said...

Oh, boy. The driftglass Haggadah. I'd pay money for that.
Chag sameach!