Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Virginia is for Lovers...

...of blackface.

From Bloomberg:
Virginia Attorney General Says He Wore Blackface at College Party
At this rate, by next week Rick Perry will be governor of Virginia (from the New York Post):
Rick Perry serving as State of the Union’s ‘designated survivor’
Except, no...
Rick Perry family’s hunting camp still known to many by old racially charged name
It's blackface all the way down.

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RUKidding said...

No YOU are the racist, Driftglass!

Quoting millions of dittoheads across the nation, who've dutifully imbibed El Lushbo's Kool Aid that sez: any Libtard who dares to points out the very obvious totally in your face racism of conservatives is really, truly the "real racist" in the room.

Got it?

BTW Northam is a giant sucking spooge bucket, as well as an in your (black) face racist. What a douchebag. He had a tiny sliver of a chance to redeem himself and possibly move on from the Yearbook incident, but eh? He totally blew it. Get thee gone, Northam. You have failed the Francis Underwood test and failed it bigly.

Frank McCormick said...

I had an acquaintance who was nominally not racist, originally from Kentucky, who couldn't understand why they removed the word "darkie" my "My Old Kentucky Home".

There are an awful lot of pictures out there of people smiling next to someone in blackface and they aren't all from the South.

Maybe if we all finally get around to acknowledging the embedded racism in our culture we might also not insist on the immediate defenestration of those that get "caught".

Robt said...

Not to make light of a serious ugly generational pass on for privilged white bous.
I once played basketball. Called one of my team mates (who is black) Brothah"
Tried to jump like Michael Jordan, even.
I know, not the same...

I think of the pastor and forgiveness for GOV. Mark Sanford. I can forgive but not forget and atonement is part of it.

Can the many of these African American groups give consideration to some of these past fuck ups whe? Can racist idiots grow out of it?
Would they be better off with Gov. Gelespie in Virginia?
It would be helpful if these follks could come to reality terms of atoning out of their own damn mouths.
Call in Rev. William Barber and have a long, long discussion. Publicly! let folks hear and decide if this past is forgivable and if it is reflective of who he is presently?

Because if you think this is better. We need to sit you down and have Rev. Barber speak with you as well.
Virginia State Senate GOP leader was editor of college yearbook containing racist photos and slurs
Sen. Tommy Norment (R) previously called on Gov. Ralph Northam to resign over his own yearbook controversy.
Yes, this clown is in line for Governor............