Sunday, December 30, 2018

Both Siderism Remains The Last Refuge...

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...of the worst people in America.
As we know from the Kavanaugh witch trials, Mr. Erickson likes to say horrid things on Twitter and then scrub them when they become inconvenient.  So here, future generations, is the screen shot:

And as we know from the plain text reading of modern political history, Republican Christopaths like Erick Erickson also always have permanent reserved seating at the national media table and you do not.

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Kelly Field said...

You might appreciate this opinion from our local paper, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. I have no idea why they gave this guy the mic. He seems unaware that the current Congress (until 1 Jan.) is the actual cause of his complaints. But he smeared "BOTH SIDES" all over it anyhow.
Are we witnessing the worst Congress in U.S. history?

There are reportedly 48 members in the U.S. House of Representatives’ reach-across-the-aisle “Problem Solvers Caucus.”

By my count, that means there are 387 members in the Problem Causers Caucus.

While the current partial government shutdown is the result of inaction in the Senate, let there be no doubt that Washington dysfunction is a function of both chambers of Congress and both parties. Things will only get more snarled and snarling when each party controls one chamber in the coming month.

Like two winless football teams whose season and self-esteem ride solely on defeating each other, our two major political parties are hellbent on beating one another at any cost, even to the nation. As they carry on their cage match at the Capitol, Rome is burning.

The border is left largely unsecured. The federal budget isn’t even written, much less balanced. Our ability to trade with allies is in flux. Our ability to repel enemies is in question. Our massive, complicated, life-or-death health care system is in political, judicial and financial limbo. Our lawmakers can’t decide how to keep the nation safe — or, apparently, whether to even try.

And, of course, Congress has used our money to put together a slush fund to pay off alleged victims of sexual harassment. Nice touch! A crowning achievement for an underachieving bunch.

But this derelict institution’s worst sin by far is its oblivious fiddling while it spends wildly and allows our voracious entitlement programs to cannibalize themselves, as our children’s financial futures go up in flames in an uncontained blaze of debt. With the national debt already above $21 trillion, Washington is spending nearly $1 trillion more each year than the considerable sum it takes in.

Not that it’s helping Congress polish its image. The body has long suffered the acerbic cuts of a restive public; Mark Twain famously savaged the institution as only he could. But we may be witnessing the worst legislative assembly in American history. Its approval rating in Gallup polls has plummeted in recent years: After regularly surpassing 50 percent in the early 2000s and topping the 60s and 70s — and even the 80th percentile after members of both parties joined hands to sing “God Bless America” on the Capitol steps post-9-11 — Congress struggles to get above 20 percent approval today.

The Problem Causers Caucus is getting its way.

The bizarre thing is, nearly half of voters approve of their own member of Congress, and 90 percent or more of incumbents get re-elected thanks in large part to name recognition and ample war chests. But as someone who’s met a lot of congressional candidates over the years, I can tell you there’s another reason they get re-elected at sky-high rates: Almost to a person, they’re incredibly impressive individuals.

As a group, whether due to party parochialism or the desperate desire to stay in office by dispensing bread and staging circuses, they’re an epic failure.

Would breaking out again into bipartisan song help? Probably not for long. But it might be a good start to a new spirit of patriotic problem-solving. Term limits might also warrant a look.

For now, leaders in Washington — yes, including President Trump — should attend to the nation’s pressing business and quit trying to make each other look horrible, which is about all they’ve accomplished. Where has that gotten the nation, except into a deeper national security/nationaldebt/health care hole?

Washington, stop failing the American people.

Michael Ryan: 817-390-7830

Robt said...

As long as you spend other peoples money while blaming democratic/ Liberal/ Socialists. Even the "Taxed Enough Already Party can be Big Trump Daddy spending Government.

When and if that stops working with your base. Doctor Brooks prescribes taking Both sider media. Three times a day for at least a month.

Robt said...

You mention Eric Erick the Erick has a seat at the media table and I do not.

Do you realize how unfair and biased it would be to seat me at the table opposed to Special GOP agent Double EE?
The insane itching rashes that would break out like Poison Ivy on his genital. Causing him to scratch his crotch like a Panzee with a bad case of STD's.

I happen to agree with Agent EE. Both sides should stop blaming. Both the republican Congress and the republican president should stop.

Agent EE should stop blaming both sides when one side is doing it.
Instead of Agent EE blaming both sides. He can round up his GOP Lemurs from hell and make them be responsible for their actions. Accountable for their failures. Bound by Justice for the laws they break and the harm to others they inflict.

AGent EE needs to start by holding himself responsible and accountable for the rotten greedy crazed ideological failures of their own and let the other side of the both sides (like me) hold them responsible.

For blooming roses sake, Agent EE, sped mre time in your own yard before your envy the yards of others.

RUKidding said...

Yeah, like WALL will really keep these caravans from coming to the border. Like no one in the history of mankind has ever dug a tunnel under WALL. Like, ultimately, the Chinese fround their WALL to constantly keep out invaders.

Yeah, like until tomorrow the three branches of govt were wholly run by the Trumplicans, but somehow the caravans are the fault of Demonrats. But of course, any perceived ill will always be blamed on DemonRats.

And so on.

How about Ewik son of Ewik go far far far away and STFU?

Unknown said...

Double Ick is well known for his "(sc)rubbing" skills.