Friday, July 06, 2018

This Week In I Told You So News: Glenn Greenwald

As I might have mentioned once or twice, nobody works harder at bad faith than Mr. Spleenwald.

And nobody fights harder not to see it than his horde of Purity Chumps.

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jim said...

Notice no @-tag from RT to Glennzilla?
Wonder if he nixed it.

The DERP Reich is getting very, VERY verklemmt to be outing themselves this thoroughly.

Pretty scary, given their available range of utile Hail Marys.
Also potentially awesome news - they might be on the verge of fratricidal buck-passing.
Brexit is deeply linked to the Putin's DC subsidiary, & that's coming to a boil right now.

Robt said...

Yeah Glen,
I have some seated negative suspicions of Putin's Russia.
And for sure a predisposed view exists. To simply start with the freedom of the people? The economic squeezed grip by the powerful over people and how it is spreading (Citizens United).
Then of course, there is that little matter of interfering in an American election. Propagandizing our most vulnerable that of course effects the future of our country.
As Glen lives (lived) outside the USA. As the USA declines in influence in so many principals exported to many other countries. What might he lose in any rights as a human being in time to come.
I noticed Glen did not move to Russia and become a citizen.

most importantly, did Glen choose his side in the Alex Jones Civil war?
or is he still sitting on the fence?

Andrew Johnston said...

What do GG's supporters even look like anymore? I can't imagine they're still purity types, not with horseshit like this:

Two of the most important protest movements in the US – one was the Tea Party, the other was Occupy Wall Street – were both perceived to be on different ends of the political spectrum. Yet they had very similar issues in common.

...Just to name one of the more benign bits of propaganda he uttered. Seriously, is his continuing presence simply some kind of inertia-driven cult of personality? People defend him because they've always defended him?

(I am kind of charmed by his defense of Russia killing those journalists, though, which comes down to They never proved it, just like they never proved that Iraq had WMDs. Motherfucker, you pulling the Chewbacca defense here? Missing the glory days when people legitimately liked you, huh?)

Grung_e_Gene said...

Glemmy Greenwald is as left as a British Steering Wheel...

trgahan said...

What do you mean? We're on year two of Glenzilla's in depth coverage for the President Stupid Administration continuation of Obama's evil surveillance state....right?....I mean I haven't seen anything other than Snowden showing up on the liberal parts of the internet anytime a unifying rallying point for liberals develops.

I'll look for the links....wait....hold on...there has to be something...maybe...must be something...cause only a conman, paid foreign agent, or Republican would so quickly jettison their Deeply Held Beliefs! when name plate on the Oval Office desk changes.

Putin et al. knew right were to hit us didn't he?