Monday, October 30, 2017

Glenn Greenwald Continues To Be 100% Glenn Greenwald

He naked, metronomic predictability never disappoints:
And neither does his loyal Spleenwald Horde of purity angels, some of whom will be toddling along any time now to explain to me the error of drooling, jackbooted Obot ways.

And this makes it art... (h/t @unsaltedsinner);

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Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic, but speaking of 'Club' journalists, Mark Halperin actually got shit-canned by NBC Universal. I guess Bluegirl was right on the podcast. This time it was different. No full Halperin this time.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic, but speaking of 'Club' journalists, Mark Halperin actually got shit-canned by NBC Universal. I guess Bluegirl was right on the podcast. This time it was different. No full Halperin this time.

Robt said...

I heard the Halprin story.

He is now a free agent to be picked up by BillO at his podcast web site as one of his highly skilled investigators.

FOX? Breity bartlet? MSNBC as a standby guest when Newt is unavailable.

Which makes me remember,
BillO used to talk about if taxes aren't cut for him and other productive businesses.. Because he says he hires people like producers to his show etc.. Which actually FOX hires them and his replacement will have people hired just like that.
But Billo railed that there would be NO, NO reason for people like him that so add to the economy by his business. If he has to pay taxes, there is no reason for him to continue working and providing his public service at FOX.

So why is he podcasting? We know he is not making enough money from it to continue?
He didn't mislead us, did he?

jim said...

By their rotten fruits shall ye know the bastards.

"The indictment isn't about election or collusion" is pure smoke-blowing vis-a-vis Papadopoulos - who already pled guilty - which implies either FUD disinfo tactics or illiteracy.

That so many can continue to dote on this kind of sneering fucknugget while valiantly waving their CritiThink9500 LiteSabre O' Logic in everyone's face online is downright bloody grotesque.

Robt said...

As the paid Trumpsters are out in protest and 'splaining.

Waving their aflame Tiki torches on any show the media will book them on.

And football players that kneel is so unnerving to them.

Scott Ingram said...

I kind of see his point. There's a lot of hope that Mueller will single-handedly save America. But what will the hopeful do if Trump isn't indicted?

Moderating expectations might be a necessary step to preserve our sanity.

Now just pray Mueller doesn't get hit by a car...

Robt said...

Mueller could issue his indictment to Congress to impeach and Paul Ryan and company will save the GOP day for the Koch Brothers and do nothing or maybe just a hand slap impeach charge not to do it again.

Look, if Trump is removed, I would think Pence has Ruskies in his pants
And would be removed as well.

The possibility Pence stays or he goes and leaves us with president Orrin Hattch is not promising.

2018 needs to be a congressional thumping..........!

Compound F said...

honestly, being political, back-biting partisan hacks won't hack it.

Mother Nature is on deck.

Just like conservatives, nothing will change your minds.

Enjoy your personal narratives of wealth and compassion as the economies and ecologies collapse

throw in an emoticon and wry comment, for laffs.

Smart people, being stupid. There ya' go.

Primum mobile.

Asses! Glenn Greenwald is NOT your problem!

Get over that inch-high steeple chase!

Jiminy fucking christmas.

You otherwise seem to have some brains.

At least, you write well.

In terms of content,

you're no archdruid,

You're no chris floyd.

You're no chris hedges.

You're no ian welsh.

You are certainly no Nicole Foss,

or Ilargi Meijer.

You are no Bernhard.

To name a few.

You are certainly someone.

You remain suggestive,

buried in hyper-political.

Just come out with it,

what YOU mean.

Focus on that.

Keep in mind that your political subject matter

may be obsolete.

Completely effing obsolete,

considering other extant issues.

luvs to DG & BG.

Compound F said...

Point being,

just reporting that a Trump tweets or endorses Glenn G

amounts to a smear, whisper campaign amongst liberals,

and you know that.

That brings me down.

I have always said,

you have a better game than that.

I have said you were better than that.

I know, fighting fire with fire.

fuck it. right?

doesn't matter. hill of beans.

mountains & molehills.

the extinction is long underway.

luvs & best of.

Fritz Strand said...

So Mr. Glass, when you were in high school did you pick a fight with the prom king?

Chan Kobun said...

And the good little devotchkas have come to defend St. Glennie of Rio.

Cirze said...

Or a plane crash.