Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Glenn Greenwald: Still Putting The "Id" In Useful Idiot

I've worn the soles out of my "I Told You So" shoes a dozens times already this year.

Nobody works harder at bad faith than Mr. Spleenwald.

And nobody fights harder not to see it than his horde of Purity Chumps.


Chan Kobun said...

And said chumps will show up here calling us all Obot Stooge Authoritarian Centrists because they're predictable.

ziply said...

These 2 tweets are, if it's possible, stupider than most of Drumpf's.

Robt said...

Trouble with self made call me a journalist". They tend to score their own work and grade it.

Perhaps Greenwald could attain one of those highly sought after internships at INFOWATS under the tutelage of the Mighty Mouth of Junk mail.

What exactly is it that occurs in someones life to behave in this manner. That Adults are to attain a measure of reason. To volunteer into the military and serve its duty. To seek any attention no matter how vile it the bait attracts the vilest of response? To get into the public sphere only to smear your own shit in your hair again. As the last time, the time before that and the time before time?

Let us bow our heads in silence for this prayer,

Lord I beg of thee to prevent man from ever inventing a time machine that would cause the disheartening of so many souls that would take this adventurous trek. Only to find those like Greenwald doing the unhelpful acts as he continues to do in the present. The the time and effort that would go into such a time machine creation, would instead go to medical breakthroughs that could heal the misguides souls as Greenwald"

Lord, as an Agnostic Leaning Atheist. Hear my pleas. The same as the pleas of the faithful. Amen

dinthebeast said...

I'm a Democrat, and I have not, in fact, become Bill Kristol.
They call that a lie, Glenn.

-Doug in Oakland

RUKidding said...

WTF is he even talking about? Those 2 tweets make absolutely no sense.

Agree with ziply, above. These two tweets almost make Trump's tweets look, uh, factually informative. Or something.


Greenwald needs to move further away. Maybe to the Amazonian Jungle where there's no Internet access.

drbopperthp said...

He has lost his fucking mind.

rickstersherpa@msn.com said...

I have a name for Greenwald. Reality Winner, who apparently will be doing 20 years in jail for sending The Intercept proof of something they did not want to believe - Russian interference in the 2016 election n favor of Trump. The Intercept either clearly decided to "burn" their source or the suddenly forgot all they knew about protecting sources like Snowden.

Andrew Johnston said...

I used to have some hypotheses to explain what is going on in Greenwald's head but clearly they're all wrong, so here's an explanation that's very dumb (which doesn't mean it's wrong): Greenwald is afraid that if people come to hate Trump enough, then it will diminish their hatred of Dubya and therefore harm Greenwald's own status as a leader in the previous "resistance." Like I said, it's stupid, but then again the one thing that Greenwald and Trump definitely have in common is a burning need for others to validate their specialness.

(Also, since when is Kristol a "Resistance hero"? Last I checked, he was running yet another bothsiderist org that was trying to advise Trump. Hell, that awful repatriation tax holiday some of the Repubs have been talking about is their flagship idea)

mahakal said...

Let me put this in some context for you:


Happy New Year.

CMike said...

Thanks for making the obvious point with your link mahakal that Driftglass is playing dumb about. I check in on this site once every couple of months hoping the host here has gotten over his hurt feelings because Greenwald built some financial success and wide-spread recognition from blogging unlike Mr. "It should have been me." (Maybe it should have been him, but none of that's Greenwald's fault.)

I'll be looking for another comment of yours when next I stop by in, oh say, March.

Tanbark said...

"Iraq-raping neo-cons…"

Most definitely, AND the democrats who enabled them by voting for Bush's bullshit-based invasion…for which about 90% of the bloody chaos that's going on in the middle east today, is responsible.

Tanbark said...

"Iraq-raping neo-cons…"

Most definitely, AND the democrats who enabled them by voting for Bush's bullshit-based invasion…for which about 90% of the bloody chaos that's going on in the middle east today, is responsible.

Chan Kobun said...

Did I call that shit or did I call that shit?