Monday, January 15, 2018

The Amazing Adventures of Mr. Glenn Greenwald

As I have might have mentioned in a long-ago post, I became a pariah on many a liberal blog where I was once welcome when I took it into my head to start writing that it was possible that one could simultaneously hold these two ideas:
  1. Mr. Greenwald was the source of many important and consequential stories which he developed thanks to being given Edward Snowden's huge cache of stolen documents.
  2. Mr. Greenwald was also a thin-skinned asshole who routinely derailed his own story by injecting his own brand of radical Both Siderism into them.  That he spent an entire year hopping from one teevee network to the next pleading his case, all while complaining bitterly that no one would give him a media platform from which to plead his case.  That he would routinely lie to make a point or smash an opponent, automatically dismissed anyone who disagreed with him to any degree as a drooling jackbooted Obot who was obviously arguing in bad-faith, and consistently hijacked every terrorist incident anywhere on Earth as proof that Obama Was Worse Than Boosh.
For his trouble, Mr. Greenwald was given a quarter of a billion dollars by an internet billionaire and told to go forth and build himself a media empire.  For my trouble, I lost about 1/3 of my readers and was discommendated by many of my peers.

After a while I stopped writing on the subject of Mr. Greenwald because there are 1,000 other walls against which I could be uselessly pounding my head, and because, as a social experiment, I had nothing left to learn about Mr. Greenwald's motives or methods, or the motives and methods of the Spleenwald Horde: his loyal army of Purity Angels who would deploy themselves like very, very white blood cells to swarm and trash anyone who said a discouraging word about Mr. Greenwald.

Finally, Mr. Greenwald blocked me on The Twitter, and we parted company, so to speak.

So is Mr. Greenwald up to these days?

Funny you should ask.

Most recently he has hitched his wagon to the Fox News locomotive and has gotten himself added to the regular rotation of wacky Tucker Carlson sidekicks.

And then there is also this:

Behold, a Tip Jar!


Dr. Puck said...

Sometimes bothsiderism slips into the asymmetry of centrist-leftism = (something akin to) 'satanism'

This seems to me to lie in the shadow of the proposition found on the far right that there is no difference between the GOP establishment and the Democratic establishment. The idea is that the Dems should know better, and because it is asserted that they do not, then, this is the greatest crime possible at the end of the day.

This obviously plays into the hands of the rightwing; and, as you well know, DG, is covered by the term "useful idiot."

Lit3Bolt said...

Sadly, many on the Left are unwilling to admit they've been manipulated, that their buttons were pushed, that their "friends on the internet" were not acting in good faith, and that their ideologies and beliefs are capable of the same propaganda, lying, smearing, and trollish behavior that one normally sees on 4chan.

Jim H. said...

Though I've had you on my updating blogroll for years, I apologize for only just now finding you on twitter. I'm @140xLangame.

I've been making that bad faith argument for years (see my recent comment thread with BDR). I suspect Mr. GG is pissed that he got caught interjecting Russian propaganda into the media stream, then participated/aided/abetted in the exfiltration of Russian hero Ed. Snowden, then burned a legit NSA contractor source (from Augusta, GA) who gave Intercept actual insider info/docs showing Russian infiltration because it cut against his pro-Putin bias.

Robt said...

It is said that from the moment of conception.

And Conception has so many people with so many differing opinions of conception.

It is said . People are saying. Glenn at the earliest age they recall, would say or do anything for attention. He would kick at his Mom's stomach. He would call other Zygotes names.
As he now finds himself drawn into the psycho grandstanding by every Tush, hannity and the Tuckers.

past the point of help by psychologist.
It seems to be more a physics anomaly.

dinthebeast said...

"...very, very white blood cells..."

That, my friend, was fucking brilliant.

-Doug in Oakland

Chan Kobun said...

Said Very, Very White Blood Cells will inevitably shit-and-run on this post in defense of Glennie Pie because they, like the grifter they defend, are as predictable as masterful clockwork.

John said...

All the progressive supporters of Greenwald missed that, ultimately, he's a libertarian nut.

In the world documented by Thomas Picketty, libertarians are on the side of oligarchy and too dumb to know it.

the bewilderness said...

Even if the Democrats make the mistake of letting Manning on the ballot to signal their submission to trans activists the law would prevent them serving.

Alexis Jester said...

And so many of them are committed to their "side" where everyone who isn't in lockstep is a filthy neoliberal centrist. Denial is a hell of a thing.

who? said...

I increasingly think the Democrats are on the side of oligarchy and are either too dumb to know it or personally profit too much to care.

Chan Kobun said...

Did I call it or did I call it? Predictable as the tides.

Chan Kobun said...

Says the slobbering fanboi for the puppet of a Russian oligarch.