Monday, January 01, 2018

One Year Later...

All of this happened one year ago...

One year ago, ABC's chief political analyst, Mr. Matthew Dowd, called President Barack Obama "arrogant and obnoxious" for giving a farewell address.  After the internet pureed him, he deleted his Tweets and he and his employers pretended the whole thing never happened.  Because transparency!  And also too, accountability!

One year ago, Tucker Carleson's newest, bestest sidekick, Mr. Glenn Greenwald, took time away from leading his glorious imaginary proletariat uprising to preemptively sneer at stupid Libtards who might wish to remember and honor the accomplishments of President Barack "Worse Than Bush!" Obama.  He also found time to praise the Breitbart Hellmouth.  Busy guy.

One year ago, the Political Director for NBC News, Mr. Chuck Todd, was crying in his digital beer because "others continue help ruin the reputation" of his industry.  Which only hurts "the democracy". Our thoughts and prayers and so forth.

One year ago, America's Sad Clown of Centrism, Ron Fournier, was hard at work adding a few more notches to his false equivalence belt before the new year got its legs under it.  For example:

One year ago, the Sunday Show Gasbag Cavalcade stumbled punch-drunk into 2017 not knowing what the hell had just hit them, but damn sure that none of it was their fault.

One year ago, noted human dung-pile and part-time freelance public ethicist, James "Fucker of Rats" O'Keefe was lecturing Ron Fournier on the importance of transparency.

One year ago, Donald Trump was going out of his way to kiss Vladimir Putin's ass in public.

One year ago, and to the surprise of no one on the Left, Donald Trump began the Great Health Care Bait-and-Switch.

One year ago, and to the surprise of no one on the Left, Donald Trump began the Great Mexico Will Pay For The Wall Bait-and-Switch.

One year ago, the junior Senator from Kentucky, Mr. Rand Paul, was worried that people might have forgotten what an idiot he is.  So he jumped right up and reminded them.

One year ago, The New York Times confirmed that Richard Milhous Nixon was a straight-up traitor.  Which still makes him only the fourth worst Republican president in the last 50 years.

One year ago, Simon and Schuster seized the opportunity to make a buck capitulating to friends and fellow travelers of the incoming Fascist regime by offering Milo Yiannopoulos a $250,000 advance to poop on a sheaf of paper and call it a "book".

One year ago, cable teevee's two biggest slabs of shoutycracker wingnut meathead, Messers Joe Scarborough and Sean Hannity, were busy punching each other in the face over who was the More Awesome Conservative.  Don't worry kids!  Zombie Lee Atwater loves you both equally!

One year ago, America's Most Ubiquitous Conservative Public Intellectual, Mr. David Brooks, was coping with the complete, public collapse of every lie he had ever told about the state of politics in this country by writing shit this like this -- "Finally, house hunting is morally difficult.  This is where Donald Trump comes in..." -- in The New York Times.

One year ago and about 20 years too late, CNN part-time employee and freelance podcasting unperson, David "You Know Me From Linked-In" Gregory finally decided to help stand up for his profession.  And it couldn't be going better!  

Tough year behind us.

Tough year coming.

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dinthebeast said...

Tough year coming, but in the service of better times to come.

-Doug in Oakland

Rothda Truculent said...

Happy New Year, Mr. Driftglass! I started reading your blog about 4 months ago and it would be difficult to describe how much I appreciate your work. For years I have been hate-reading Brooks and have been quietly bewildered at how everyone around him cannot recognize him to be the stupidest man in America. To find out that you have been making fun of him daily for the last 10 years has been a perfect delight.

I'd like to donate to support your writing, but I am a bit leery of using PayPal. Have you considered opening a Patreon account? I'm already using Patreon, and it would be easier for me (and hopefully others!) to add you on Patreon rather than signing up for a new service.


Jonny Scrum-half said...

The Dowd tweet about Obama's farewell address, and his subsequent removal of it apparently without comment, should have gotten him fired, and in a sane world would have caused no one to ever listen to him again about politics.

Mr XD said...

File under vicious, file under stupid, file under duplicity-it's an endless task, keeping track of all the doings and sayings of the "evil skulls" , but someone has to do it and you do it so well.

Best to you&yours for the coming year~~~

Robt said...

It is like the Dino's defacating in the swamp has contaminated any evolution that would naturally occur.

If the Sinclair media group continues on it's hostile take over of the media.

The bottom of the news and facts bucket will require a larger bottom.

Just physics. Another one of those Sciency things the right hates . To be sure, they hate the sciences when they cannot control it for their thieving profits. Like they control their religious right.

There is a very big question mark of how reversal of Net Neutrality will play out as well.

proverbialleadballoon said...

Thanks for doing the Remembering, driftglass. So much has happened, so fast on a daily basis it seems, bullshit piled upon outrage piled upon degradation, that it takes quite an effort to recall the bullshit piled somewhere in the middle or bottom of the pile.

Batocchio said...

That Fournier tweet remains one of the most punchable pieces of punditry ever.