Friday, December 22, 2017

The Red Skull Comes To The Heart Of Blue Chicago

From the Chicago Tribune:
Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones' show to be beamed from Chicago's Trump Tower

Prominent conspiracy theorist and Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones will soon be broadcast on FM radio from downtown Chicago, according to a radio station owner who has won FCC approval to place a transmitter on the roof of Trump Tower.

WCKG station owner Matt Dubiel went on the Texan’s “Infowars” show on Monday to announce his plans to install an FM transmitter at Trump Tower in January.

“We’ve worked out an arrangement with the Trump Tower,” to lease space on the top of the tower, Dubiel told Jones, praising the Trump Organization for “having their act together.”

The Trump Organization did not respond to questions about any deal with Dubiel on Thursday, but public records show Dubiel received FCC approval in July to move his FM translator — a transmitter that allows him to simultaneously broadcast an AM show on FM — to the Trump Tower. Most Chicago FM broadcasters use the older Willis and Hancock towers, and Dubiel told Inc. on Thursday that he believes he has the first English language station to broadcast from Trump Tower.

He told Inc. he has aired Jones for “nearly a decade.” He currently broadcasts Jones in AM on 1530 and on higher-quality FM on 102.3, but the 5-mile range of his weak FM transmitter reaches a far smaller audience in suburban Elmhurst than it would from the center of downtown Chicago...

This is happening because the Right continues to do the thing the Left inexplicably refuses to do -- invest real money to grow and maintain a vast, integrated media machine to spread their poison everywhere.

And now they've come to Chicago:

Meanwhile, in a cornfield a few hours outside Chicago, smack in the middle of Trump country, two plucky Liberal podcasters have continued to stay on the air every week for the last seven years thanks to a rowdy group of small contributors from all over the world.

And as much as I find these odds bracing, there is no getting around the fact that we on the Left are currently (to quote Nick Fury) hopelessly, hilariously, outgunned when it comes to getting our words out into the world.

The good news is that this is a fixable problem.

The bad new is, the fix involves Liberals with deep pockets finally getting the hell off the sidelines.

And in a world where Tucker Carlson's new sidekick can get an internet billionaire to write him a $250M check to build a media empire, and Jill Stein can find enough credulous sarandons to kick in $3.7M for her "Hillary Is Worse Than Trump!" campaign and then another $5M for her recount scam, and Tom Steyer has enough loose, sofa-cushion cash laying around to lend Time Square a cheery holiday glow by burning enormous piles of it, then clearly a lack of money is not the problem.

So what is the problem?

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trgahan said...

"So what is the problem?"

Given the demographic make up of our "progressive" billionaire class, I vote with Bluegal: Preservation of Wealthy White Male Patriarchy uber alles.

Yeah, they want a less vindictive version with all the pot, healthcare, and abortion, but I think there is historic precedent to argue the Left gets it's legs cut out every time the we start toying with foundations of nation's social order.

dinthebeast said...

Alex Jones = Glenn Beck for drug addicts.
I only know one guy who ever listened to Alex Jones, and he's been addicted to drugs since I met him in the nineties.

Maybe if we win some fucking elections we might appear to be a better investment to the rich fucks who have the wherewithal to do something about this. But then again, they are rich fucks, and you can't expect much out of them if you're not offering them more power as ROI.

-Doug in Oakland

theo said...

Given your examples, one can only assume Democrats with MONEY, don’t give a shit.

Robt said...

Are you sure it is a Trump tower?

In the original "Conan the Barbarian"

I want to make sure I am not confusing, the Zamoran structure, the "Tower of the Serpent". ... The Tower of the Serpent is a religous structure in Zamora under the use of Thulsa Doom's snake cult.

Can I get an editors review fact check on this?.

Dirk Diggler said...

Ramen!! You've nailed it!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Phil Perspective here. (Note the response) Not only do the rich liberals not care, but we have the additional problem that the working class liberals like Booman have very bizarre notions of what progress is in tackling this issue.

Attempts to tackle this by appealing to non-existent referees about how unfair things are will not save us. We have to push our side to play the game better. Pick up medicare for all, the opioid crisis, and poisoned water deaths and beat Republicans with it. "Republicans murdered these kids" is a good start.

All attempts to move the goal posts for politicians, reporters, and bloggers will be hippy punched by someone an inch to their right. See the Booman link above.

dave said...

democrats can't decide what's worth fighting for...getting us on the same page is harder than with the gunny, goddy, scarey, hatey, greedy republicans.

here's a hint: social security, healthcare, fair taxation and support of the commons and equal opportunity including a clear path to give back to our nation. service to us all. if you want you and your grandmother's butt powdered a national service including but not limited to military where we learn skills, tolerance and solidarity.

put us back on the same team....the reason that the gop is successful is because we can be easily turned 'gainst each other. at the same time don't let the goalpost be moved..the third way is for suckers and we've moved too far to crazy already---our tolerance is an exploitable commodity.

now we have a basis for real radio free america for americans.