Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Glenn Greenwald Has Finally Found A Home On Murrican Teevee

And that home is Fox News baby!

Where he drops by every now and then like Wacky Neighbor Ethel Ilyich Ulyanov Mertz to help Tucker "Resting Pravda Face" Carlson shit on Democrats.
At this point, "I fucking told you so" hardly seems sufficient.

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Steve in Manhattan said...

So many seemingly reasonable people went crazy when exposed to the Wingnut virus (and a dash of 9/11) ... Dennis Miller, Hitchens, Greenwald, so many others. Weak-minded doesn't even begin to describe it ....

Qahir Makhani said...

Greenwald has always been a prick

trgahan said...

Come on, Drift...the ex-pat, globe trotting Brazil living in a manner that keeps one isolated from actual Brazilian realities ain't cheap even with all that faux-libertarian billionaire sugar daddy money.

Anyway, fun seeing that all the anti-progressive movement (conservatives, faux-Liberians, Greenwald) has these days is pretending Hillary won.