Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Very Serious Republican Peter Wehner Thinks It's About Diggity Darn Time Republicans Ask Themselves How Things Got So Bad

I think it is about diggity darn time dirty hippies like us start demanding that Very Serious Republicans like Peter Wehner explain where the fuck they have been for the last 30 years.

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ziply said...


Jimbo said...

Wehner is one of the worst apologists for rightwing politics. This post is just another of his fake concern about the GOP. Hypocritical garbage as usual.

trgahan said...

I thought what they intended to do was pretty obvious....get the tax cuts passes before 2018 while being very concerned about the emerging violence on "both sides" and what that means regarding the "the integrity of the vote."

RUKidding said...

It's not like the Southern Strategy is this deep, dark, hidden secret, and, except for a super secret cabal of Oligarchs, no citizens know about it.

True that Hate Radio & Hate websites & Fox will attempt to brainwash their followers that the Southern Strategy doesn't exist or something. But the rest of us are very clear on what the GOP's intentions & strategies have been all along.

GFY, Whehner.

keith gargus said...

Shocked!(your winnings, mon capitan)

Robt said...

There is going to be a lot of monkey smearing and throwing feces.

There will be many a condemning speech and or comment.
But no actual action taken other than painting over the smear feces.

We will see much of this come out in all the Citizens United Free speech on election adds very soon.

Robt said...

First let me give thanks for actually asking the question. The obviously critical question.

"Where have you been". Even Trump seen it and jump in fully conscious. In the days he railed against innocent (black) men charged with rape to bypass the trial and hang'em high.
His Birther claims, to this day NO one, Repeat NO oNE has stayed on him, or handcuffed him and injected truth serum to get him to answer the Birther end.
They were so close but let him slippery slide away with "It is over and that is that"..!

We will hear much lip service by individual republicans. But many are already in congress with this inner superior belief. They tell us all the time they are more superior in their decisions by excuse and shields like, Their God, the fiscal conservative thing, The ideology, In the name of the political party. My favorite," the American people". When 90% are against their position).

They will continue the dark side because it is the only way now they can get power as the Gerrymandering and suppress ions dilute.

They new Jeffery Bouldergard Sessions. Why do you think they used majority to stop Sen Warren from reading the condemning letter about Sessions at his confirmation. They were well aware of the racial luggage Sessions brought to the AG position. That he would unpack that luggage once he got there.

many of the same donors to the "ALT Right supremacists hater are the same donors to the GOP. Mercer who owns Breitbart is and has been a very big GOP donor. The whole family believes the are the Superior race. You can tell by how much money they have. For them, it is a measurement of superior genes.

The thing is, all that history the try to rewrite and cut from education.

Well their self admiration is easy enough to recall. Their rise and fall is nothing new. There is much to those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.
Where are the Rockefellers ? The Founding Fathers did not engulf all the wealth and rule? The British royalty is but a "tradition" with its Queen in their Monarchy. The Great Kings of Egypt. The Pharaohs. all which ancient remains as eroding structures as Pyramids barely continue to remain.

There were no deaths of civilizations. Disbursed, improved, Progressed, reformed and moved, evolved ( well for some). We are still here.

For some of these superior minded. It isn't enough we build their great Pyramids for the wealthy Pharaoh. Sure it helps the economy. But damn, why must they have a wall constructed between our home and work place that we must overcome every damn day to get to work.

That when we look up as we climb. They can feel we are looking up to them?