Saturday, July 15, 2017

Funny How We Never Heard a Peep from the Beltway About Decency and Civility...


....until after the Left started doing what the Beltway media categorically refused to do -- punch back against decades of organized and massively well-funded Conservative lies, racism and paranoia.

And once it turned out that the Left had been right about the Right all along?

Fainting Couch futures shot through the roof and from one end of the Acela corridor to the other, it was suddenly "O tempora o mores", morning, noon and night.


dinthebeast said...

Decency? Civility? Uh, GOPAC. Newton Leroy Gingrich. "Language: A Key Mechanism of Control"
Now what was he yammering about again?

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Oh, Dowd.
" As we throw out status quo we must keep certain standards of behavior"

Dowd has alone decided . That "we", (he he does mean us). are throwing out status quo. I see no actual dismantling of citizens United, does Dowd?

I can assume Dowd tossing out the status quo of condemning "Crotch grabbing" by wealthy elites (only). Instead of condemning we should condone. At least until Dowd's own freedom infringed in a traumatic sexual assault.

Perhaps Dowd would be willing to keep the status quo when it comes to Charles or david Koch;s family females (if raped). To rid the status quo that the defense of "she wanted it" She asked for it , the manner in which she dressed.

I witnessed a political party deny a 27 yr federal judge with a distinguished record. Denied the respect of even sitting down with Senators. Who refused to perform their duty to "advise and consent for 14 months. Only to rid themselves of well established senate rules to ideologically and hyper partisanly ram in a SCOTUS shoved in front of them by very wealthy doners and force me to live with this SCOTUS the rest of my life or his.

I see none of Dowd's tossing of status quos being allowed for the people.

Dowd floats on a nice raft provided to him by people who decided that the 1st Amendment and Citizens United allows for the hire (ownership) of people like Dowd. Put them on their media venue and told they need to speak convincing Lilac lies or omit certain truths that the control of masses will never boil and rise over the pot and flow on top of the stove.

I have this assumption, Folks like Dowd have it in their head that doing things like editing the status quo. Is always something that punishes others that are percieved by him to be dead weight that sinking his raft.
What about a change in the status Quo of our teired justice system.

Where awealth has different justice than those with less or no wealth.?

Come to mind, One with wealth (and oert) who operates a frauduelnet university. Court finds absolutey guilt. But because of the Justice divide. The wealthy Fraud committer merely can settle out of court, repay some of the fraud money for profit for their endeavoers. Not have a criminal record.

The status quo of allowing settlements is wealth corruption dictating their own justice on themselves.

While , a 50K per year eatner can not settle for being coaught with a joint and is mandated under mandatory sentencing (not for ealth justice system) can only serve out years in jail with fines.

Psssst, Dowd, Trump and republicans have no interest in doing anything like that. If they have the normal human ability at all of self awareness to recognize any of it.

Dowd strikes wrong chords , AGAIN and Again in his poor recital.

He needs more practice before being given the recital honor again.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good evening, Mr. Glass.

Strategy depends on the enemy. Sometimes the Gandhi approach works. Sometimes the Lincoln approach is needed.

I'd really like to believe this is a Gandhi moment. But the headlines make me doubt it.

Be seeing you.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

The most ridiculous manifestation of this is when Ted Nugent asked for people to be more civil. It's like he doesn't realize that there are recordings of the things he's said...

Robt said...

In case anyone missed it.
There were many republicans in the house that took to the floor to recite their call for civility.
Spurred from the ball park practice shooting.
It was a democrat that shot Scalise and others. And what about kathy Giffin was what they specifically pointed to in their calls for civility.
-Not one citing of Conservative violence or antagonisms.

later in the day of that shooting. The House had a vote scheduled to ease restrictions on silencers. The NRA demanded.

I called and wrote my House Rep (republican) and finally got an answer (sort of) to my question.
The question;

"you colleagues interviewed at the ball field shooting all basically told the reporters that they ( heard pop-pop-pop-pop and realized it was gunfire and took cover). The 2 security people stated they heard the the gunfire and used that to direct their response".
*The vote on that was cancelled for emergency house member security discussion. But this vote was going to happen and will be brought back up.
How were you going to vote that day on easing silencers before it was delayed?
With the reports of hearing gunfire at the ball field as the indicator (warning). Why would you vote for such a easing of silencers and do you think many of the mass shootings we have had and will occur in the future will be worse if they use silencers?

His Response'
A lecture on the Founding Fathers brilliance of the creation of the 2nd Amendment.

How he will defend the 2nd Amendment to up the Kilt.

That the 2nd Amendment is a right that gives the American people the power and right to defend themselves against tyranny of government.

I am still waiting for his answer to my reply question of his initial resonse (I mentioned )
This Question;

When you stated that you stand strongly with the right to water the tree of liberty with blood by citizens defending themselves from Tyranny.
And after you civility floor sppech. Was the Ball field shooter. You claim as a Democrat. Was he righteous in his shooting to defend against tryanny?

Was it government tyranny, he took to arms and shot Scalise and others and is he justified in the blood he spilled for liberty.
--Were the Security team that brought down the shooter furthering that tyranny and they murdered this patriot for defending his country from that tyranny?

He went silent. I will re fry these beans and serve them up to him. No off the hook or benefit of the doubt here.

Because, under his assumption, republicans that take to violence and arms is defending against tyranny. Liberal leaning are not covered under his Liberty Tree blood watering under his definition of the 2nd Amendment.

The Chihuahua nipping at the shoe laces of conservative tyranny.