Thursday, June 29, 2017

Go Go Godzilla

At the risk of repeating myself :-) President Stupid is the unholy spawn of the modern Republican Party and a compliant Beltway Both Siderist media that, for more than a quarter of a century, has reflexively excused every ever-escalating Republican atrocity with a flurry of False Equivalence hand-waving and hippy punching.

Well the thunder lizard the Right has always openly prayed for has finally come.  And the well-heeled deacons and cardinals of the High and Holy Church of Both Siderism who midwifed this monstrosity into existence --

-- now cower in their cathedral, raging and accusing --

-- and demanding that someone, somewhere step up and do something about their beast-child that now has them in its cross-hairs.

In theory, I am still capable of imagining a universe in which I might feel something like sympathy for the Beltway cowards and kapos* who thought that by shitting on the Left every time the Right lobbed another cinderblock from the Fox News Overpass onto the Freeway of American Democracy, their fortunes would rise forever and a day of reckoning would never come.

In theory.

In practice, from my position as lowly Libtard pariah and punching bag, I am rather enjoying the sight of them scrambling down the rat-lines of a ship they themselves have conspired to sink. Enjoying it far more than I should, actually, but then I never promised that I was anything other than low and perverse.

*kapo: A kapo or prisoner functionary (German: Funktionshäftling) was a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp who was assigned by the SS guards to supervise forced labor or carry out administrative tasks. Also called "prisoner self-administration", the prisoner functionary system minimized costs by allowing camps to function with fewer SS personnel. The system was designed to turn victim against victim, as the prisoner functionaries were pitted against their fellow prisoners in order to maintain the favor of their SS overseers. If they were derelict, they would be returned to the status of ordinary prisoners and be subject to other kapos...


RUKidding said...

LOL! Why is funadmentally ridiculous Dowd scurrying away from the latest Trump tweet? Because he hasn't - YET - figured out some way to blame BOTH SIDES!!11!! for Trump's behavior? Eh - Howdy Dowdy, give it another 5 min, take a big dump, and I'm sure you'll figure out a way to Both Sides the sh*t outta this latest Trump Twit-er-rama.

Leave up to fundamentally ridiculous Dowd to attempt to take the high road, as if HE, himself, is not personally responsible for these twit events. Frankly, fundamentally ridiculous Dowd wouldn't know a high road if it a smacked him upside his empty head because he's spent so many decades toiling away on every low road possible.

Oh dear, does that count as "hate speech"???

What a fundamentally ridiculous buffoon Dowd is.

Andrew Johnston said...

Both Siderists have a much easier time condemning speech than policy for a simple reason: Fundamentally, their top priority is being popular. Oh, they favor solving problems, but only if they can do so in a manner that doesn't make anyone not like them (hence No Labels and their focus tested policy map). Trump isn't going to have many non-wingnut defenders here - he's basically become the Beltway's mean girl with this shit - so of course Dowd is going to criticize him. Criticizing Trump over words is an easy, popular thing to do. No one's going to get mad who didn't hate Dowd to his core already.

Fritz Strand said...

Trump has taken the wheel and is headed to his favorite country club - Trump's 'Caligula Greens'.

Robt said...

Is Dowd actually on Trump's White House payroll?

Did Trump hire Dowd to be his White House Presidential TWEET Spokes person Secretary?

Dowd needs to be more transparent. I want to see his emails from his private server and I want to know how involved he was with the GOP baseball practice shooting?

it is this sort of hard line real alternative factual journalism on the right that is not fake news.
Why is Dowd being so non transparent. What is he hiding?

Tell you the truth, many people say Dowd was not born in the United States and his citizenry is in question.
This is why I have hired top investigators to find out if Dowd was born at Trump Towers in Turkey. Trump Towers in Turkey are very great (there are 2 towers there, Believe me!). But that hotel as great as it is. Is not considered U.S. soil. You would not believe what my investigates are finding on Dowd in Turkey over this.
mathew needs to show us all his birth certificate. The real one, the long form. Not the fake one nor the alternative real one.

How Dowd should be readdressed when he stumbles into the minutia.