Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Return of The Wrath of Con Man

He wishes to discuss terms of your surrender.

I wrote this last March.

More than a year later and all the winning is making me dizzy.
Paul Ryan: Mr. Trump, how do I know you'll keep your word? 
Donald Trump: Oh, I've given you no word to keep, Mr. Speaker. In my judgment, you simply have no alternative.
And now that the election is over, and Putin owns the White House, and criminals and lunatics run the government, and the stinking albatross of TrumpCare has been hung around the neck of every Republican elected official in the land, it is far too late for the Party of Trump to run away from their Dear Leader.

And every time they try, this happens...


Jimbo said...

He's clearly in a state of dementia and doesn't understand or is interested in any domestic policy issue (except WIN!) and just meets foreign leaders for the vacuous blah-blahs. I think everyone else in the world understands we're in a "special" time that the GOP created so that they could destroy the American economy and social safety network with an idiot to sign their bills.The Turtle and Granny Starver didn't appear to factor in their own Congressional incompetence with a total cluelessness from the White House. Surely, they must recognize the difference from the Obama Era. Anyway, reap what you sow.

Robt said...

How dramatically he invokes victim hood like the star Trek character.

Full of revenge for being treated unfairly. The hurt cuts so much more deep when it happens to a superior race.

Or in alternative explano, When you are superior human specimen like he. Your feeling are superior and more sensitive. More easily hurt.

Please assure me he is being provided phony Nuke codes?????

You can see he is in psychotic mode . Every weekend he flees to his imaginary (Americans are coming) in the end, Hitler bunker.

J.Tinker said...

"For Hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee."
There's a tap on his shoulder and he looks around to see a crew member pointing at a sign that reads "No spitting".

trgahan said...

".....far too late for the Party of Trump to run away from their Dear Leader."

Who's running exactly? 63 million reprogrammable brown shirt pieces of cannon fodder are, at worst, frustrated Trump hasn't accomplished MORE, but understand the Reich wasn't built in a day.

The Infotainment Buddle focused on little else other than the violent nature of liberals over the past two weeks so all the meatheads know about Trumpcare is it will given them their long sought after WIN against those violent evil liberals and their n#%#%# President. Hell, now that its out the Infotainment Bubble is saying it WON'T touch Medicaid and they believe it.

As for Ryan, he's already gone for GOP savior/Numbers Guy to Ridiculous, No Nothing Granny Killer back to head Obama Puncher and comfortably won re-election each time. Now he has a blank check to get his paymasters Randite vision made into law with President Stupid willing to sell whatever comes out as GREATEST BILL EVER!....and once again 63 million people will cheer not matter what the liberal, internationalist, colonial mindset, etc. CBO says!

Short version: I call bullshit on anyone saying the Republican Party is dividing under Trump.

Martin Pollard said...

Spock: "He's intelligent, but not experienced."

The Khan analogy fails here because the Day-Glo Man-Baby doesn't even measure up to that standard. said...

The original was Captain Ahab, who is quoted here, at the end of his losing fight with Moby Dick (a/k/a God). From the fine John Huston version with Gregory Peck as Ahab.

Somehow, I don't think of Ryan as Starbuck, but I certainly hope the Republicans share the fate of the crew of the Pequot!:-) (I don't know quite how Huston did it, and perhaps its the own time I live in, but I thought the hero of the movie was Moby Dick. said...

Khan is quoting Captain Ahab's last words, addressed to Moby Dick, as Ahab is going down for the count.

I don't think of Ryan as Starbuck, but I certainly hope the Republicans share the fate of the crew of the Pequot!

RUKidding said...

Unfortunately I agree with trgahan. Trump's base ain't worried. Somehow they all fervidly believe that if anything's "bad" it will only affect the horrid LIEbruls, and that's all they care about and that's yuuuuge WIN for them. Somehow, in their farytale belief system, everything will pan out great for them, while f*cking over the Libtards, the lazy lousy minorities, the icky wimminz, etc.

As far as I can see, McConnell & co have set up their Death Panel Legislation so that the brunt of it will be felt quite a few years down the line. PLENTY of time to blame it on Democraps, and you know that the insane base will happily cling and grasp to blaming any ills on the horrid Libtards, who are the sole root of ALL of their problems.

Lather rinse repeat.

Granted the Orange Foolius in the White House appears to be lurching from one weird tweet to another strange meeting with some purportedly fawning "dignitary." But really that doesn't matter. It's what's going on in CONgress. And as we see in Kansas, in particular, these people are Hell-bent on giving away bundles of money to wealthy people whilst their quality of life deteriorates at an alarming pace. They NEVER learn. They'll do ANYTHING - watch their families starve and die a painful horrible death, live in gruesome death traps, having little to eat, breath polluted air, drink lead infested water, no schools for their kids - to avoid the fate far worse than death: having the Ds in charge... especially if that means either a N*&^%$ or a nasty bleeding from her wherever wimmin at the helm. ANYTHING - a long slow painful death - is better than that.

At least, that's how it looks to me. I don't see the R Team in all that much disarray, and one thing McConnell's good at is whipping them into shape. Yertle's got tons of pork to give away.

We are so screwed. Trump's fans will never ever deviate from worshipping their "savior."

eddie blake said...

"kirk, you are still alive, my old friend...?"

"STILL...old...FRIEND. you've managed to KILL...just about EVERYONE else, but like a POOR marksman, you keep MISSING the TARGET!!"

Mark Dobrowolski said...

"Promethius", the movie. What's more dangerous then the true believer when they discover that they are betrayed

Robt said...

here is how easty it will be for GOP'ers to thwart any criticisms in mid terms .
* no matter if they can unitarily pass or not (any "non care". We republicans would not be in this mess if it wasn;t for that Wascally Reid, Evil Pelosi and dastardly Muslim dictator,Obama.

-Libs screwed up the health care so bad it is impsable to correct unless of course you elect more republicans.

-Dems/ Libs need to come together as Americans and succumb to the GOP's agenda and just vote in favor of what ever the conservative dog shits out on the floor of the congress. Be bipartisan and obey republicans for all Americans.

-We have to do something! No matter how bad it is. We promised and kept our promise.

-We undermined, sabataged and demonized everything about health care. No matter what we do now is against everything we railed against for 8 yr. Even those that are freshmen congress critters made this promise 8 yrs ago.

-Obamacare is so bad and failing so horrible, the GOP must attack this as a "rescue Mission". Ayn Rand is seriously threatened. People will die but it will be for our cause. like any rescue mission it is done hastily and mistakes can be made. But those mistakes are cause by Obama for putting us in this emergency.
The recue cause tax cuts for the wealthy. During a time of great national debt. That is no longer a problem for the republicans now with majority control.
Besides, if you think we are Ghoulish over health care. Wait till you find out how much more in taxes you will pay for Defense spending. How much more you will pay in taxes to pay down the debt.

Disclaimer; Real heroic, job creating, masters of the universe (earning more than $250K per year are exempt. They live free in another universe.

Republicans, Unlike khan in the wrath.

Do not have Charles and David Koch (not excluding all the addelsons of the world), declaring $600 million in advance of mid term life support campaign funding.
If the real Khan only had that kind of a life support system in the movie. There would have been more episodes of revenge on the Nerds.

Lawrence said...

I'm not comfortable with this. Khan, and for that matter Ricardo Montalban, don't deserve it. Khan has his good qualities. He reads, for example. And isn't this going to end with Obama fixing the warp reactor with nothing but a pair of oven mitts for protection? Hillary will have to give the eulogy while Bernie Sanders plays Amazing Grace on the bagpipes. Bill Clinton will call Obama a green blooded, inhuman S.O.B. Hillary will get miffed at Elizabeth Warren for quoting Starfleet/CFPB regulations. Tom Perez and Kieth Ellison
as Sulu and Chekov. And finally, Scotty's dead nephew is a symbol for millennial Sanders supporters.