Saturday, May 20, 2017

Former Bush Speechwriters Say The Darnedest Things


Fearguth said...

Trump's White House has now been added to the Axis of Evil.

Anonymous said...

I bet he keeps losing his glasses while he's wearing them.

dinthebeast said...

Is our speechwriters learning? And if so, what?

-Doug in Oakland

Pablo in the Gazebo said...

Will Little Baby Jeebus give me a sign or send me a clue as to what the fuck this asshole is trying to say?

Motor Boat said...

If you cannot distinguish between merely a bad president (Bush) and a clear and present danger to the constitutional underpinnings of the the republic (Trump), then you are very much part of the problem yourself.

Robt said...

The most darned things said indeed.
Seems Frum has become the victim of his very espoused conservative well paid writings. The same victim card Trumped down on Sykes.
To were the only refuge they have to their 1st Amendment speech. Is to take up the little crumbs left of liberal or moderate media outlets that have survived their very hunting down and killing of the roosts they now dwell.

"have Gun Will Travel" reads the card of a man.

A business card of a writer for hire. You need harm done, call Frum.

For hire, Sykes will drive in the steak knife.

Look at them now. Victims of their own conservative ideology. The over riding of the free market by very wealthy who require propaganda to control their eunuchs. Just making a buck in the free market? Like the guy who bought the Epi Pen company and raised the price on its life sustaining consumers. Sykes and Frum never would have thought going along with people like this would turn on them. Because, Conservatism, Freedom, their personal brilliance and their patriotism.

Frum and Sykes are like many I have come across that vote and trash unions while they work and prosper in a union work place. Always angry at weakened unions by conservative law making at contract time when the union has rough time negotiating.
The will not go out and attain one of those great non union jobs that fits their insane ideology.
They swallow their pride for union benefits, pay, health care, pension, 401K overtime pay, etc.
They came from non union houses and continue to praise them and vote against their own bread and butter.

Evil Brad said...

Frum a hired gun? His stand against the Trump Chumps is decidedly not where the money's at these days. If the rule of law in the United States survives the next four years it will be thanks to people like David Frum, and not at all to the Regressive Left, who will probably be cheeeing its demise as loudly as any Breitbarfer.

Richard Luken said...

Regressive Left? Examples of the cheering section? "Probably", nice weasel word.

David seems to be doing very well for himself. And Frum was part of W's attack on the foundations of our democracy. He set the stage. North Korea was happily suspending its nuclear program in exchange for economic assistance before he and W. convinced their unstable leadership, who are first and foremost fearful of attack, that they were seen as "evil" and therefore not fit for negotiations. Calling them "evil" was a sign that the new administration was an existential threat to them. Brilliant. And his explanation for the phrase, as derived from Roosevelt's call for declaration of war following Pearl Harbor, is singularly stretched. Yes, Roosevelt was aware that Nazi Germany indeed presented the greater threat, but nothing in that speech of November 8th hints at a request that Congress declare war on anyone except "infamous" Japan. Hitler did Roosevelt a great favor when he declared war on the United States three days later on December 11th, to the consternation of his generals.

The Bush White House for which he was an apologist set up black box prisons and practiced torture. So much for the rule of law. And the Axis of Evil was the first part of the marketing campaign used to lie us into war with Iraq.

In any case, while the tweet certainly conveys what I consider to be a correct sentiment-- I too have no sympathy for willing paid liars-- as my father used to say "Even a blind pig occasionally finds an acorn."

Evil Brad said...

I have noticed that people who are in the habit of viewing Western civil society and its institutions as nothing more than a conspiracy tend to be rather blasé about the perils of the Trump presidency, whether they are from the left or right. I'm not too keen on finding out what it would be like to live in a world where that "conspiracy" was brought to a halt. Frum seems to get that, because whatever dumb things he may have supported in the past, he is on the side of sanity today.