Monday, April 17, 2017

That Awkward Moment as President Stupid...

 ...waits for eight-year-olds to start chanting "Lock Her Up".


Dave McCarthy said...

Good Christ!

So to speak.

Robt said...

Did you see it, Prince Baron (of the Badlands) waved to the subjects he will inherit one day.

Of course Queen Malania spoke with such a marvelous foreign language accent unfamiliar to southern dwellers. You know, that foreign culture that is taking over America. Malania, as a woman, and according to a great man with great words. She must be a nasty woman. Who in their faces flaunts an elite foreign superiority the white supremacists seem able to control their hate for through opioid use to dull the hate and pain for foreigners. She so thanked the "military" For the freedom to celebrate Easter at the White House.

It would be indecent of me if I did not give a shout out to Donald. Who could of broke the White House Egg Roll Tradition.
From the White House Pagan enactments of using Eggs that rabbits do not lay, to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.

* Where arth thou religious right?

* Did the conservative "Cat" get your obedient religious "Tongue"

So thankful the Donald took the time to thank the military (as well) for Easter? His display of strength by pronouncing all the great "tings" he has done and is going to do. Bestowing knowledge unto his subjects that the Egg Roll tradition is very old and doesn't need to be eliminated.
Did I mention the many great Tings his has done and is going to do.
He has so discovered his "Presidentials" by uping some poll numbers by hiding behind the very organization he took 4 deferments from because he was unfit to serve then. So I ask, what has changed?

I cannot wait for him to sign a presidential Executive Order declaring the change to
Chief Executive Officer Decrees. Which will not be interfered with by congress or the Courts.

This will make the White House great again and not have to be bothered with that Congress apparatus things.
Because, Freedom and who would have thought Tings were so complicated.

Except massive amount of people that out voted him in the popular vote.

As I recall, many a conservative got invited to the White House egg roll festivity. As one Dr. Ben Carson. Who used his time at this Easter celebration as many conservatives did while Obama was president.

Carson used his time to pummel and slander President Obama speaking on the White House grounds. Like at the Prayer breakfast(s).

Which the dear Dr. Ben Carson used as a springboard via the FOX and right wing radio. To be the token black guy in the GOP primary. Representing the non racial prejudices of the White Supremacist factions of the party.

Why have we been forsaken?
If you indulge in such matters?

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good evening, Mr. Glass.

Remember the George Bush "miss me yet" sign that was totally ill-timed during the Obama years? Well, I'm THIS CLOSE to thinking the sign is appropriate now.

Be seeing you.

bluicebank said...

I look of pure shock on the bunny is appropriate.

Robt said...

About that bunny.

Is that Spicer?

Or is this what Trump meant when he told Jarred and Bannon to work it out?

Meaning who spends time in the Bunny barrel? Both? By shifts?