Sunday, April 16, 2017

Pompous Pirate's Easter Message


Jim From MN said...

"The election is over!" will be etched on that poor bastard's grave stone to mark a place in history that will elicit more head shakes than a Newt Gingrich ethics lecture.

steeve said...

"The election is over" says the guy who still holds campaign rallies because they're his only ego boost.

Robt said...

The election is over..! Putin wins.!

If someone would just send top investigators into Hawaii to look into Obama's birth certificate and Islam baptism.

If only there was someone that had levers of power to do it?

If only there was someone who could get into the Comet Pizza joint's basement and take pictures of all those kids in sex tings possession.

If there was only someone that could go to a South Carolina Church group and give them a message.

Which billionaire wants what? At this moment? How do they prioritize billionaire whims?

Robt said...

happy Bunny , in a Sci Fi Horror sort of way.

Happy Easter.
The story of Godzilla is well known. Yet this rabbit lived on the property of a steroid manufacturer and somehow like Godzilla was effected.

Dave McCarthy said...

"THE ELECTION IS OVER", screams the guy who can't STOP talking about his electoral college victory on November 8 of last year.

His latest canard is the absurd notion that it's "almost impossible for a republican to win the electoral college", despite the fact that, well, every republican who has ever won the election won the EC. So the correct response to that particular claim is "What the actual FUCK?"

Grung_e_Gene said...

Why does Trump hate Job Creators? Won't the Trumpenproletariat be angered???

Buttermilk Sky said...

They were paid by actual billionaires who want to see Dolt 45's tax returns for snorts and giggles.