Saturday, April 15, 2017

Operation Memory Hole: The Single Most Hilarious Sentence You Will Read This Month


From Politico:
"I'm not so infatuated with Trump that I can't see the facts" -- Tania Vojvodic, a "fervent Trump supporter who founded one of his first campaign volunteer networks."

Once you're done laughing beer out your nose, read on...
Trump’s base turns on him 
Steve Bannon’s downgrade is just one of many complaints. ‘We expect him to keep his word, and right now he’s not keeping his word,’ says one campaign supporter.

"Donald Trump dropped an emotional anchor. He captured how Americans feel," said Tania Vojvodic, a fervent Trump supporter who founded one of his first campaign volunteer networks. "We expect him to keep his word, and right now he's not keeping his word."

Earlier this week, Vojvodic launched a Facebook group called, “The concerned support base of President Trump,” which quickly drew several dozen sign-ups. She also changed the banner on her Facebook page to a picture of Bannon accompanied by the declaration: “Mr. President: I stand with Steve Bannon.”...


You launched a whole Facebook page!

You know, the phrase "Big Damn Hero" is often overused...

Meanwhile, second-tier Hate Radio crackpot and Respected Media-ite Condescender, John Zielger, peers into the same toxic dumpster and comes away feeling all feisty and exonerated...
No One Will Admit It But Never-Trump Conservatives Are Now Officially Vindicated
Except I had to stop reading his mighty jeremiad about the fucking awesomeness of he and his fellow made-men in the So-Far-Right-We're-Infrared mafia before the end of the first paragraph.  


See if you can spot the exact moment at which my own observations about the invincible depravity of the Right were also "vindicated"  (emphasis added):
Of all the statements that caused me to be one of the few conservatives to never give in to the temptation of selling out to the “Republican” presidential candidacy of a liberal conman who was uniquely unqualified for the job, this one has always stood out. As most people intrinsically understand, the devil you know is usually better than the one you don’t. I have always seen Donald Trump as fitting into the latter category.
Remember, Operation Memory Hole never ends with these people:
Because for all the sawdust and moonbeams and navel-gazing, at this moment in history the single most important task for trifling Conservative hacks with outsized megaphones like Mr. Douthat [and Mr. Ziegler] is to hang the blame for the Rise of The Bastard President somewhere far, far away from themselves. Somewhere far, far away from the sprawling, multi-media Conservative lie factory in which Mr. Douthat [and Mr. Ziegler] serves as a medium-sized cog.  The sprawling, multi-media Conservative lie factory which created a political breeding ground for The Bastard President by building a Republican base that was malignantly ignorant enough to fling themselves into the arms of a gibbering beast who sold them a supersized version of the same grotesque fairy tale that the sprawling, multi-media Conservative lie factory has been telling them for years -- that their paranoia is actually patriotism and their ignorance and bigotry is a mark of special grace.
Never, never, ever.  


Cirze said...

The only special grace here is yours.

Great reporting.


Love you guys,


Robt said...

You make a very respectable compelling case for Congress to increase research funding to cure conservative Dementia.

There are many symptoms that originate from tht short term memory hole that we discover the virus has altered itself from it's original strain. Where long term memory once infected is degraded.

At a glance, once such evolving strain of this memory hole has spread widely within the ranks of many right wing religious outposts.

As has been reported many times and documented for reference.

"Pastor Snake handler bitten by fatally bitten by snake in front of his devoted Christian Jesus obeying parishioners. Son to inherit parishioners and resume the snake handling at services as his father before him was fatally bitten as his father before him was bitten".

As the congregation gets inherited by the Snake handler pasture. Because a "snake Handling pastor has been repeated to them and the parents before them and the parents before them that Jesus said, "trust in only the pastor that the snake does not bite". It is right there in the Bible. (Oh you don't or won't read?) That is fine because getting your soul food from the snake handling pastor who has survived a few snake handling. Will fulfill the void of knowledge that is sought.
The Blessing of God by not getting bitten by the snake only blesses one until fatally bitten and found to be unholy. They move to the next handler as blessed until his unfortunate bite. Thus, the cycle goes on.
I know somebody who knows somebody that told me something I can't fully remember exactly what he told me. But he said ____________?

As the strain alters itself from its original from for survival. It leaves its victims to fall prey to the latest altered virus.
We find the virus continues to alter itself and reinfect prior victims from its last form before the last alteration.

Mike R said...

Trump has to be a liberal. We know the rule conservatism can never fail, but only be failed. ///

Robt said...

The never Trump-et-eers have decided to overlook laws in favor of incorporating Trump as Grover Norquist's, "five functioning fingers and a pen", to just sign what the GOP sends him.
This incorporating is taking some Gov't spending and military fireworks reality shows. The GOP decided to produce this sorry reality show with low ratings. Because the lobby *advertising) remains profitable.

Nebraska state republican party received a $20 thousand donation from TransCanada last month. The foreign corporation found the benevolent heart of the corporate person to donate to the Neb Repub state party as a charity because of all the great work they do helping the needy.
This has nothing to do with our state legislature and those involved in having to approve of route, imminent dominating, and legal responsibilities.
Nothing at all to do with the Keystone XL. Just a warm hearted Foreign corporation trying to help charities to help the needy.

There must have been some donating to some local ministries. Because there have actually been some Sunday sermons espousing the blessings word of the Keystone XL. Yes, God is speaking in favor of this oil pipeline.
How much of a donation might our Conservative governor find in the Easter egg hunt as he finds one of those plastic eggs. That had something Eastery special inside. Especially to him from Jesus through the benevolence of TransCanada.
This Easter, say thanks for the religious right. It is such a great reality show with so many enthusiastic loyal fans.