Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Twelfth Blogiversary Fundraiser: Day Zero

Twelve years ago this Friday I began this little Liberal pie and curio shop at the far edge of town, in the middle of the six-alarm clusterfuck that was the Bush Administration.

Those were strange times. A network called "Fox News" was innovating in the field of blatantly lying to racists and imbeciles. Conservative talk radio had evolved into a bludgeon to beat up on anyone who did not toe the Republican party line.  The Right had settled into a political strategy of attacking anyone who even looked at them funny an "America-hating Libtard traitor". And MSNBC -- the perennial last place cable news network -- was tinkering around trying to find the right formula for success with such programs as:
The Contributors with Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham
Alan Keyes Is Making Sense with Alan Keyes
Buchanan & Press with Pat Buchanan
The Savage Nation with Michael Savage
Scarborough Country with Joe Scarborough
Jesse Ventura's America with Jesse Venture
The Situation with Tucker Carlson
Now, twelve exciting but exhausting years later, with the treachery and fuckery of the Failed Bush Administration being repeated by the Failed Trump Administration but on a much grander scale, 100 times dumber, faster and with more overt malice, greed, treason and contempt the the American people than any presidency in history, I turn on my teevee machine today and what to my eyes behold?

An MSNBC "panel" discussion featuring an unctuous Republican turd-polisher, a Conservative cyborg sent from the future to destroy America and a deadbeat white supremacist.

And what would I have found on the same network yesterday?  (from Brother Charlie Pierce)
This Is a Master Class in How Not to Conduct an Interview
Featuring Professor Chuck Todd.

On his afternoon Meet The Press, my man Chuck Todd hosted Tom DeLay, the former thug who once held considerable power in the House of Representatives and was present at the creation of the epidemic of gerrymandering and voter dilution that has spread across the nation. DeLay has a new book-like product to plug and, as appalling as it may be to anyone who was conscious during the 1990s, Chuck urged DeLay to reminisce about the golden era of legislative genius over which he presided...
The fix is in kids.  

The cavalry isn't coming.

We are the cavalry.   

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Lit3Bolt said...

A wild driftglass appears!

Lit3Bolt uses Donate!

It's super effective!

Richard Luken said...

Where can we find a William Techumseh Sherman to lead us against the Party of Jefferson Davis?

What must St. Reagan think as he watches his party bow down to the Evil Empire v 2.0?

Robt said...

There is a simple question to ask.

What has the GOP government done for me.

You must earn $70 K or less to respond.
The GOP economic divide of who they represent is fabulous, "Believe me".

The media used to claim that the GOP is in power and controls the levers of government and that is why they are lop sided and biased of having such an imbalance of opinion and political views. This was their excuse to have an all GOP panel to discuss issues. That the Dems were irrelevant of power and need not be included.
Which meant just one Senator from California has 3 times as many people to represent need not be on with any stinking views differing from a GOP congressional majority who has 3 small red state senators on exclusively. Who get all the exclusive air time and combining all 3 of those Senators to voice for their constituents have less constituents than the one Senator from Calif. that is never booked. Because again, irrelevance?

Yet during all the Obama years, the media continued to provide all the air time to the same GOP in mass. Providing opposing views of course.

So even when Dems control with majorities, the GOP is still the sponsored voices to be inundated with.
Best of all, in the rare case of booking mistakes at the media outlets, if there is a Liberal on. They developed the media instrument of "Both Sides"
to combat any bias.